RSVP for Easter

We love trying new things at Community Bible Church!  Easter weekend is naturally a unique weekend for most churches.  At CBC we will be having 10 different services with 3 different experiences in 2 different venues.  It's also the weekend that we have more guests than any other weekend making it very confusing to communicate to that first time guest.  

One of the challenges that we face every year is that we overflow about half of our services which causes hundreds of families to experience our services in an overflow venue which is often less than desirable.  We have also found that the majority of these families are first time guests as they are new and don't know that they need to arrive 30 minutes early to get a seat.  So this year, we're trying something new: the RSVP App.  

We are driving people to go to and RSVP for the service they are going to attend.  Through this they are able to tell which services will be most full and which will have more than enough room.  By RSVPing they will also be getting email updates a week before and a day before with important information like parking tips and tricks along with kids check-in information.  

What do you think?  Is this a good idea or a bad idea?  We think it's a good idea, but I will definitely follow up after Easter to let you know how our visitors and member respond to this new option.  If you're interested in setting up your own RSVP App simply go to