Setting Up Your Facebook Profile

As a ministry leader your Facebook profile is likely even more important than your church’s Facebook page. This is how your represent yourself personally and how you interact and connect with people. By nature, people are much more engaged and feel connected to a person rather than an organization. Don’t underestimate your Facebook profile and using this platform as a key ministry tool.

Here are 5 tips to optimizing your Facebook profile:

  1. Use a headshot - having multiple people in a picture or full body shot can be confusing and hard to see.  People will most often see your posts in their Newsfeed and if it’s a consistent headshot they immediately connect the post to you personally.  

  2. Fill out your profile information - share job information, favorite movies and music allowing people to know more about your personally and potentially find other areas of connection on a personal level.  

  3. Review your Security Settings - Facebook allows you to show as much or as little as you would like with who you choose.  Review the security settings and set them at a level that you are comfortable with depending on how private or public you desire to be on Facebook.  

  4. Listen A Lot - I would spend a minimum of 75% of time on Facebook reading, reviewing and interacting with other people’s posts through your Newsfeed.  Don’t just use this platform as a megaphone, but more as a place to listen and know what’s going on around you.  

  5. Say Happy Birthday - this might seem like a small thing, but checking in on birthdays and saying Happy Birthday every day goes further than you know. This is one of the best and most engaging features on Facebook and a great excuse to comment on some else’s profile.  If you really want to make their Birthday send them a personalized video message or better yet buy them a Starbucks gift card.