Social Media Can Kill Your Brand

Last week at the Echo Conference I attended a breakout with Dawn Nicole Baldwin entitled 5 Quick Ways Social Media Can Kill Your Brand.  You might have read my previous post that included the video: United Breaks Guitars, this illustration highlighting an organization's brand that was killed due to social media. That illustration was my biggest takeaway from the breakout that I won't quickly forget.  She shared 5 great suggestions and added 5 thoughts to chew on  for any organization when utilizing Social Media: 5 Quick Ways Social Media Can Kill Your Brand:

1)   Failing to Plan

2)   Wrong People in Leadership

3)   Set it and Forget it

4)   Not Adding Value

  1. It’s not about you, it’s about them

5)   Expect Miracles

  1. Not a substitute for other media channels

5 Things to Chew On:

1)   Understand what the primary purpose of Social Media

  1. Connecting and Sharing

2)   Determine what your hoping to accomplish before you jump in

  1. Determine what will be measured
  2. What is important?

3)   Find your voice

  1. Don’t try and be something that we’re not
  2. Keep your voice consistent

4)   Know your audience

  1. What needs are you filling?
  2. How do they want to be communicated with?

5)   How does this fit with what we’re already doing?