Social Media Revolution Remix

I saw the original version of this video over a year ago and the statistics blew me away.  I knew that Social Media was transforming everything around us, but I didn't know how fast it was happening.  When it comes to ministry it has blown me away how much MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter have dramatically changed relational ministry.  It's crazy that from my desk I can deepen relationships with dozens of people in a matter of an hour.  I can understand their passions and personality without ever even talking to them.  You can quickly see where it becomes strange and often unhealthy, but it's the reality that we live in.  This Sunday I plan to count how many times someone mentions my Facebook at church.  Almost every conversation that I have begins with I read this on your Facebook or saw a picture from this event.  Whether you like it or not, we're living in the middle of a Social Media Revolution and it's NOT a FAD!