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Twitter - Understanding the Language

Twitter is such an interesting Social Network as it is probably the most simple of all of the most popular networks yet considered very complicated by many.  I think that it's often just the language of Twitter that is confusing, not the actual network.  People seem to be comfortable with Facebook language, so I've updated these terms with Facebook language comparisons.  Here are a list of terms and definitions that I hope will be helpful to you in getting comfortable on Twitter:

  • Profile - the visible about statement where people know who you are (similar to Facebook profile, but shorter)
  • Tweet - short updates of 140 characters or less (comparable to Facebook status updates)
  • Feed - collection of all tweets from those you follow in order of time posted (think Facebook Newsfeed)
  • Following - those you choose to follow tweets from in your feed (similar to Facebook friends)
  • Followers - those who choose to follow your tweets in their feed (similar to Facebook subscribers)
  • Retweet - reposting of someone else's tweet to your followers (comparable to Facebook Share)
  • @ Reply - public reply to someone else's tweet (similar to a Facebook Comment)
  • Hashtag - using the # symbol to mark a key phrase in order to categorize a tweet (unique to Twitter)
  • Direct Message - private message to someone that follows you (think short Facebook messages or emails)

I hope this simple list is helpful in navigating Twitter!  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to comment!