2016 Look Back

2016 Look Back: TVApp Series

For almost a year now, I can still remember how my friends and I worked together to create a powerful, flexible and affordable TV Application for Ministries!

Learn all the reasons why your church or ministry need a TV App today. It’s hard to imagine a more effective platform to engage your audience than a TV.

Here's a look back on a series I wrote last year about TV App:

We would love to help you launch your Global TV Ministry today!

2016 Look Back: The Future Series

Last September, I wrote a series of blog posts about The Future Of various things like social media, websites, TVs, etc. I made some predictions on how certain technologies will develop.

Some of my opinions on how these developments impact the church and ministries seem right especially in Mobile Technology, TV and Work.

Let's take a look back:

What are your predictions? How is your church adapting to these changes?


2016 Look Back: NYC Favorite Things Series

Our family had an incredible 2 years living in New York City. Our hopes and dreams for living in the city were far surpassed by the experiences that we had and we will forever be shaped by these experiences. Here are some of the posts that I wrote as I processed through our 2 years in the city sharing some of our Favorite Things:


2016 Look Back: Podcasting Series

Last year we continued to see the trend of podcasting grow tremendously. Anyone anywhere has the capability to create valuable audio content and share it to a massive mobile audience.

The truth is, as simple as it may sound compared to AM radio, podcasting has its own detailed process worth paying attention to. Last June, I wrote a series of blog posts looking into the fundamentals and some trends  that I’m seeing in the world of podcasting.

Take a look back:


How is your church or ministry using podcasting? What are you learning and experiencing? Where do you see the future of podcasting going?

2016 Look Back: Church Website Series

Last May I wrote a series of blog posts about church websites. I looked through Wordpress and Squarespace and detailed my experience sharing some advice on managing church/ministry websites on these platforms.

Here’s a look back on my church website series:


I would love to hear what technologies and best practices that you are using with your church website!