All Access Conference

Thank You All Access Conference!

This past week I had the privilege of being a part of the All Access Conference in Jacksonville, Florida.  The event was organized by the great people at ARC (Association of Related Churches and I can say without hesitation that it was the best conference experience I have ever had! Celebration Church was an incredible host, Jacksonville is a beautiful city, the speaker lineup was phenomenal, the media was top notch, but more than anything else the people were simply the best.  Marc Cleary and the ARC team know how to put on a great event that doesn’t just entertain a crowd of pastors, but truly connects them in relationship with each other.

I can’t wait for next year’s conference, as it will be back in Jacksonville again!  I encourage you to sign up now and lockin the incredible low rate of $49.

Bill Hybels at All Access Conference

Probably the speaker I was looking forward to the most at the All Access Conference was Bill Hybels.  I have been following Bill Hybels and Willowcreek for more than a dozen years and his leadership principles have probably shaped my ministry leadership style more than anyone else.  His message at the conference were timely for me and probably many others.  Here are my notes: The future of the local church rests in the hands of its leaders.

Unless the church is well-led and well-fed it won’t reach it’s redemptive potential.

Leaders move people from current state to preferred future.

We must build a case for why we can’t stay “here’ so that we must go “there” (preferred future)

Celebrate as much as you can… create a culture of celebrating.

Almost every leader underestimates the power of casting vision.

Find fantastic people to join your team with these qualities:

-       Character

-       Competence

-       Chemistry

-       Culture

-       Calling

Culture at Willowcreek: Incessant Tinkerers

Rick Warren at All Access Conference

The highlight of the All Access Conference so far has without a doubt been the session we had yesterday with Rick Warren.  Less than 2 weeks ago Rick's son took his own life and this was the first time since this tragedy that Pastor Rick has addressed a group of pastors.  While this was not a typical session/message, I probably took more away from the 15 minute skype call with Pastor Rick than anything else at the conference.  Here are some quotes from that session: “People are most likely to come to Christ when they are in transition or under tension.”

“If God is going to use you greatly, you’re going to go through a lot of suffering.”

“God never wastes a hurt”

“It’s not a sin to have a small church, but it is a sin to have a small vision.”

“Every church must have a global and local vision.”

“Why can’t we be as united in sharing the gospel as we are at sharing grief?”

All Access Notes - Day 2 Quotes

"Most of us care more about how many people are following us on Twitter than how many people are lost in the world." - Christine Caine

"Don't force your kids on the church and don't force the church on your kids." - Willie George

"5 Anchors that you need when you feel like you're about to crash: relationships, the Word, Vision, His Presence, Order." - Joe Champion

"If someone has the courage to confront you on something, don't ignore it." - Rob Ketterling

"Culture trumps everything." - Chris Hodges

"Success comes as a result of growing to our potential." - Brian Houston


All Access Notes - Greg Surratt

Greg Surratt
Greg Surratt

Greg is the founding pastor of Seacoast Church, one of the early adopters of the multi-site model. Located in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, Seacoast has been recognized by various media as an innovative and influential thought leader in future strategies for church growth and development. Seacoast combines a unique approach to highly participatory worship with a heart for missional evangelism. Greg calls their weekends a “practical, spirit filled, but non-spooky, yet kind of mystical worship experience, done in multiple locations, very inexpensively.” Seacoast currently has twenty-nine weekend worship experiences in thirteen separate locations.

Here are my notes from Greg's session at the 2013 All Access Conference:

2 Kings 4: 8-37

How do I revive a dead dream? 

1)   God wants to give birth to a miracle inside of you

2)   Sometimes God allows your miracle to die

3)   Just because it doesn’t work the first time doesn’t mean it’s time to quit

4)   When nothing is impossible anything can happen.

  • When the miracle comes to life you have to tell somebody!
  • ARC is planting a new church every 4 days!  65 new churches last year!
  • Don’t quit.  Believe in God and believe in the impossible!