App Analytics

Analyzing the Effectiveness of Your Podcast

Measuring podcasts in the past has been very challenging and in comparison to many other media engagement platforms remains challenging. With streaming media you are able to better understand who is listening from where and for how long.  With podcasts it is often hard to know much more than downloads.

This is the primary reason that I love Libsyn. While it’s still limited, this platform gives you the most significant data on your audience than you can find anywhere. When you embed the media player on your site you are able to get more significant analytics on these users and Libsyn helps you to understand more about those who are downloading and the platforms and locations that they are downloading from.

At the end of the day, the number that I am continuing to monitor most closely is the number of downloads. This gives me a month over month, year over year comparison to measure whether we are reaching more people, maintaining an audience or losing an audience.

I expect in the coming months that Apple will open up greater insights into podcast engagement like they have with App Analytics in the App Store. Until then, I would monitor the stats you have to help you understand if you are heading in the right direction. Just like anything else, I encourage you to set goals with a purpose and analyze your results to see what adjustments you might need to make along the way to reach your goals.