App Session

App Session Notes at All Access Conference

Here are my notes from the App Session on Social Media that I led at the 2013 All Access Conference from ARC: Why you should further invest:

How 3 Social Networks Describe themselves:

Facebook- give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.

Twitter- the fastest and simplest place to stay close to everything you care about.

YouTube- a forum for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers.

Sound like spaces the church should engage in?  Fit with your mission/purpose?



Social Media- wikipedia defines as media for social interaction

media being- published text, images, videos that then create a conversation

Why churches don't engage socially?  It's messy, it's time consuming, we lose control.

* Social Media won't make you relevant

People are talking about your church online... the question is whether or not you will be a part of the conversation.


8 Steps to Effectively engage on a Social Network:

1)    Setup an account

2)    Follow, friend, like a handful of people or organizations

3)    Listen to the conversations

4)    Listen some more

5)    Engage in already ongoing conversations

6)    Create a post/share media

7)    Engage in the conversations that follow

8)    Start over at step 2


*** FAQ- How do you balance your time online?

- Managing your time with Social Media is like anything else.  To be effective you must have dedicated time committed to it, and you must also limit your time as it can easily consume your time as well (similar to email)


* Mark Zuckerberg has connected the world, it's our job to change it

1 billion active users... 800 million login each day!

Personal Use as Ministry Leader

- Profile setup- Make sure to represent yourself well with a good profile picture, well filled out profile information, and banner image.

- Security settings- Decide for yourself how private you want to be and carefully select your security settings (talk about this with your spouse)

- Page or Profile?- Profiles are limited to 5,000 friends and can be converted a page if this number is surpassed

Ministry Pages- I think that this is quickly becoming more important that your church website.  Take a look at the Analytics on your church website and the impressions on your page and more people are likely engaging with your page than your website.  We often spend a lot of time/money on our website and our facebook page is an afterthought.  Both are important, but don't undervalue this.


Keys to posting effectively

- Be consistent (minimum once a day)

- Post quality content

- Post variety of content (text, images, videos)

Create a posting schedule- Inspiration, Conversation, Information

*** Tip- Call to action (Jesus Daily with 15 million page likes)- ask to Like, Share, Retweet, etc.

Facebook Groups- great for groups under 150 (Youth Groups, Small Groups, Ministry Teams)

- big advantage- users will receive a notification when an update has been made


Facebook Ads- can create much greater value on your efforts at a low cost

- Page Like posts

- Promoted Posts


Twitter- personal vs. organizational

- Good to have a church twitter account and actively use, but most effectively used by individuals as people know who is actually replying to them and they are engaging with.  Most actively use as you, not your church.

- Establish a church hashtag (ex. #onlinechurch) which helps you connect with others in your church and for them to connect with each other

- Use connect with people in your community

- great evangelism tool and way to get pulse of community


YouTube- searchability and sharability (YouTube #2 search engine)

- uploading to YouTube allows your ministry to go on beyond just a moment (2 years late could minister to someone randomly coming across video)

- YouTube for Nonprofits can broadcast live and customize channel

- - Sean Cannell


Google + Growing fast, but I haven't been able to crack the code.  I expect it to continue to grow being tied to Google.  Hangouts are awesome, but beyond this it's hard for me to engage.  I would keep an eye on it and if you have time try to engage as I expect it to keep growing.

Pinterest- incredible opportunity for those in Women's ministry and lots of kids ministry ideas being shared.

Instagram- Youth Pastors should be living in this space.

LinkedIn- beyond a resume sharing site... great place to engage with other ministry leaders as well as connect with those in your congregation in a professional manner

Vine- the next big thing (created by Twitter).  Just like Instagram except 8 second videos rather than filtered pictures.

FaithVillage- content source for evangelical Christians with faith based elements


Looking Forward to 2013

As I look forward to 2013, there are so many things that I look forward to!  Here are the first that come to mind: - Launch of the CBC Mobile App with iGivings

- Release of Social Media Guide for Ministry with Group

- Development of with Plain Joe Studios

- Expansion of Online Church with WebMinistry Team at CBC

- Leading App Session at All Access Conference

- Online Ministry Development for Life Without Limbs

As I look at this list of things that I'm excited about, it is often who I am/will be working with that gets me excited as what I will be doing.  I feel so blessed about the people God has allowed me to work alongside and feel so privileged to not just work with some of the most qualified people, but all are incredibly godly leaders as well.  It's going to be a good year!  As I know I will learn so much through these new experiences, I cannot wait to share them with you all and learn from you as well.

Bring on 2013!