3 Essential Tools for Remote Teams

I’ve been working remotely for almost five years now. I love the flexibility that allows me to be able to work from home, while traveling, and with a team that is distributed around the world. In the process, I’ve learned the need for tools to collaborate, organize, systematize and personalize connections. In this episode, I’m talking about three essential tools my team and I have been using, that may also help you work more effectively. How about you? What tools do you and your team use?

5 Online Tools to Increase Efficiency in Your Organization

Efficiency is the wise use of both time and energy - this is something everyone, not just leaders, struggle with. The good new is that there are tools that can help us in our day to day workflow maximizing our time and communication for greater efficiency.

In today's Vlog, I'll be sharing to you the 5 tools that will help you and your organization become more efficient. 

Becoming More Efficient and Effective with Asana

As we are approaching a new year we are all wanting to set up some good new systems and routines in our lives both personally and professionally.  Productivity has always been very important to me, but I have not always been organized in my obsession with productivity and efficiency so my time spent was not always maximized.  I made checklists everywhere I could and for several years have tried app after app to stay better organized but needed more. About a month ago my friend and colleague, Chis Tripputi, found an App that has been perfect for me personally and an incredible tool for collaboration among our ministry team.  It's called Asana and was developed by several of the same original developers of Facebook.  It's easy to use, but can be very complex as well with an open API if you need it to be.  It's also FREE unless you have a fairly large team!

As I continue to get to know this tool I plan to blog and share how I/we begin to use the tool to collaborate and become more efficient and productive.  I would love to hear your experiences as well and what you are learning.  I want to encourage you to take a minute to watch this video and sign up for your FREE account with Asana today!