Our Experience at Museum of the Bible

The Bible has shaped and impacted the world in countless ways throughout the years. It has impacted my life personally beyond words can describe. To even begin to describe the impact of this book seems impossible, but it’s my belief that Museum of the Bible has captured the impact of the Bible in the most tangible way possible.

I was privileged to attend a pre-launch event at the museum in Washington DC with my family and wanted to share my experience with you. I has a little help in this episode with our 5 year old who had the time of her life at the museum.

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The Museum of the Bible is Coming

Have you heard of the Museum of the Bible?  I hadn't until Tuesday when I attended an event here in New York.  Initially hearing about a Bible Museum didn't catch my attention, but after learning more my attention was definitely captured. 

A group of innovative leaders have secured a strategic location in Washington DC with the intentionality of telling the story of the most influential book ever written: The Bible.  Whether you are a Christian or not, it is impossible not to accept the impact of the Bible both for good and bad.  Naturally, as a Christian I believe most is good, but we must also accept that bad things have been done in the name of the Bible (look at the Crusades). 

Let me be honest about my pessimism though as I went into this event.  I had two initial pessimistic perspectives of the Museum of the Bible going into the presentation: 

  1. Money Spent - couldn't this money be used for other causes like world hunger?
  2. BORING - when most people hear museum, their eyes glaze and they think: BORING

But as I heard the presentation and think about the significance of the Bible in History, the reality hit me that this book has a powerful story that needs to be told in the most excellent way.  As I look at the museums here in New York that have been established with great excellence like the Natural History Museum and Modern Art Museum it occurs to me that the Bible's story should be told in an even more excellent way.  

Excellence in presentation is where BORING goes away.  The plan for this museum is far from boring.  The presentation of the history, impact through the years, and current engagement using state of the art technology will be far from boring.  Honestly, I'm frustrated that I have to wait 2 years to see this physically built out.  It's going to be incredible!

What are your thoughts about the Museum of the Bible?  Were you aware of this new development?

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Sneak Peek at the Book Cover

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