SoChurch... what is it?

I've been watching develop over the past month or so with a pretty impressive team that includes Tony Morgan (, Brad Lomenick (Catalyst), Michael Hyatt (Thomas Nelson Publishing), and many others.  They're pretty unclear on what exactly they're doing, but I'm confident that it will be game changing!  The tag line is: Church Communication, Simplified.  I don't know about you, but this sounds like a great idea to me! I'm eager to watch and see how this unfolds.  Anyone have any insight to what is in the works here?

Podcast Suggestion: Catalyst Podcast

If you're not already listening to the Catalyst Podcast you need to be!  Some of the best interviews out there with some of the most innovative leaders in ministry today.  If you're planning to go back through some of their past podcasts here are a few interviews I would make sure to check out: Mark Driscoll, Rick Warren, Donald Miller, and Andy Stanley.  They're all fantastic though!  I would also add the interview with Gayle Haggard to that list.  Gayle's testimony and transparency is powerful as she has journeyed with her husband Ted, suffering for a sin she did not commit.  Her strength and courage is tremendous and will inspire you!  If you are a regular listener of the Catalyst podcast, I would love to hear what your favorite interviews were.  I would also love to hear any other podcast suggestions you might have.