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Elevate Summit interview with David Cooper

In this interview I talk with my friend David Cooper of Invictus Global.  We discuss our partnership with the California Southern Baptist Convention with the Elevate Summit events.  David also shares some invaluable information with church leaders about leadership, culture & vision.  

Congratulations Rockbridge Seminary

rockbridge (1) I have shared many times here that I love my seminary!  Not only do I love Rockbridge Seminary, but I'm extremely proud of my seminary as they have recently become officially accredited.  It was only a matter of time before this became official as it is overseen by an incredible team of leaders that continue to make this great seminary even better.

If you're considering a seminary education, I can't recommend Rockbridge enough.  I was in a great ministry role and didn't feel that I should leave to get trained to more effectively do what I was already doing.  I didn't have to.  Rockbridge came right alongside me right where I was and invested in me as a ministry leader.

For those who say it's just not personal enough, you really need to experience it.  Online education isn't for everyone, but it is for more than you think.  I grew closer to my online classmates who were all over the world than I ever did with the ones who sat next to me in my undergraduate program.  Give it a try and I think you will like what you experience!

Congrats Rockbridge Seminary and Rock'rs everywhere!

Everything Speaks

In a meeting this past week someone mentioned the principle that “Everything Speaks.”  The thought behind this statement is that everything beyond just our words communicates a message to the recipient. Think about it in terms of a restaurant.  Before pulling in the parking lot you see the sign and get a feel for whether it is a fancy or casual restaurant often by the design of the sign.  Your experience begins in the parking lot whether it is easy to navigate or cluttered with trash.  Even when walking in you notice the exterior of the building and then whether you are greeted or not when you walk in the door.  That’s just the beginning of the nonverbal messages that are communicated through your dining experience.  Everything speaks!

This phrase has been running through my mind in every experience I have had this week.  Think about it in terms of your church’s weekend experience.  What speaks in your entrance/parking lot?  What does your lobby and worship center communicate?  What are the faces that people see?  Are they warm and welcoming or cold and insincere?  Are the lights bright or dim? Are your seats comfortable?  Do you pass plates or have a box in the back?  Everything communicates something!  We only get 1 shot at first impression and we must remember that everything speaks.

More than any other place that I have considered this principle is on our website (  When it comes to our web platforms we often think about the words that speak or the commentary in videos, but EVERYTHING SPEAKS!  This goes for the colors on our site, the cleanliness of the design and navigation, the location of our Online Giving, the visibility of our Senior Pastor and so much more.  I know what I am intentionally trying to communicate on the site, but I wonder what we might be unintentionally communicating.   Each week we have thousands of visitors to our website and we cannot afford to communicate the wrong message and neither can you.

I encourage your to process this principle this week.  Think about it in every experience you have and then apply it to your ministry environments and web platforms.

I will be eager to hear your thoughts and what speaks to you through this experience.

rightnow Media Leadership Events Library

I can't be more excited about rightNow Media and how much it is going to enhance our ministry at Community Bible Church.  One of the lesser known resources of the package is the Leadership Events Library. I'm a learner and love attending conferences, but am not able to do so for 2 primary reasons: time and money.  It's challenging to take the time away and justify the cost of the event and travel.  With rightnow Media's Leadership Events Library you and your entire team can now experience conferences like Catalyst, Echo, Verge, and so many more without leaving your church or even your home.  Take a look at this video:


What do you think about this resource?  Do you think you and your team would take advantage of this tool?

I'm thinking about having a video of the week for my team to watch and discuss at our weekly team meeting.  I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!  I'm pretty excited!

Church Innovate Conference

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 10.51.57 AM
Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 10.51.57 AM

My title at CBC recently changed again and definitely my favorite yet: Innovation Pastor.  Just days after making this change I was contacted by my friends at Leadership Network to participate in their upcoming online conference: Church Innovate.

Here is a description of the event:

The church is constant changing.  Leadership Network works with hundreds of churches all over the United States and Canada.  In the course of that work, we've identified three major areas of ministry that are changing rapidly... three main areas of church innovation that are re-shaping the church as we know it... before our very eyes.

On Tuesday, May 14, you'll hear from the innovators that are at the front edge of these ministry trends.  Over the course of three hours, you'll hear what's working, and what these individual leaders and ministries are doing to develop new ways of reaching their communities and churches with the message of Jesus.

We'll concentrate our time together on three main church innovations and what we're learning: generocity, multisite ministry, and leadership development.

Scheduled speakers include Mark Batterson, Booby Gruenwald, Toby Slough, Gunnar Johnson, Craig Groeschel, Larry Osborne, Gary Vet, Jeff Jones, and many others!

We invite you to join us for FREE!  All you need to do is RSVP!

I'm extremely excited and honored to join these incredible innovators and with Leadership Network for this online event.  I hope you will set aside 3 hours in your day on Tuesday, May 14th for this FREE and exciting event.

Click here to RSVP now or Comment if you have any questions.