Church Media

10 Fundamentals to a Creative Church YouTube Strategy

Last night I attended an event here in New York at YouTube Spaces.  It was an experience to say the last to enter this space from the Elevator ride up to the presentation and the interactions.  I'm going to take the 10 basic fundamentals that they shared and help to adjust the presentation for your church to consider.

  1. Shareability - Are your videos funny, relatable or topical? Why would someone want to share your videos with their friends online?
  2. Conversation - Are you speaking to the audience watching the video or just posting sermons to a live audience and YouTubers get to watch?
  3. Interactivity - How can your YouTube audience interact with your video?  Consider asking a question for them to comment with their thoughts.
  4. Consistency - Are your videos all over the place when it comes to quality and tone?  As you build an audience online consistency of format and voice are very important.
  5. Targeting - Who do you want to reach with your YouTube videos? (Don't say everyone, please)
  6. Sustainability - If you build an audience on YouTube can you continue to feed the audience with more videos?  Don't over promise and under deliver.
  7. Discoverability - Do you title your videos for people to easily find through YouTube search?  Please don't user your church name and sermon date as your YouTube video title.
  8. Accessibility - Do your videos make sense to every viewer even if they have never seen another video of yours or been to your church?
  9. Collaboration - Can you bring other influencers into your YouTube videos that would likely connect with your audience as well as introduce their audience to your videos?
  10. Inspiration - Do you enjoy making videos for YouTube?  What you create should inspire you to make more and inspire your audience to watch more.  

I encourage you to go down this list and answer yes or no based on your church YouTube channel.  If you don't yet have a church YouTube channel, what are you waiting for?