Church Periscoping

Are You Periscoping... Yet?


People are always asking me the question: "What's the next big thing?"

Normally, I don't have a definitive answer, but for the past 2 weeks the answer has been easy: PERISCOPE!  

What is Periscope you ask?  Well, it's a new live streaming social network released by Twitter.  It's pretty simple actually.  You simply login with your Twitter credentials and can watch hundreds of live streams sent out through iPhones or begin live streaming through your iPhone and hundreds of people could potentially watch.  Not only can they watch it though, they can interact with you through live commenting that will be displayed on your app while you stream.  

Make sense?  Of course not.  Most social networks don't and the best way to understand it is to use it.  Here's how you can get started in about 15 minutes.

  1. Download the Periscope app from the App Store (only available on iPhones and iPads right now)
  2. Watch 3-5 Live Streams and see how it works and what people are streaming and how others interact with them.
  3. Hit the camera button on the bottom, write "Test" on the Title area that says "What are you seeing now?" and hit Start Broadcast.
  4. Have fun and connect with people all over the world!

You're probably asking why should I Periscope?  The bottom line is that thousands if not millions of people are engaging on this app at any given time.  From a ministry perspective you have an opportunity to engage people in conversations instantly from anywhere at any time.  You don't have to send an invite and hope people show up.  You don't have to setup a bunch of equipment or do anything very technical either.  You just have to push a button and Periscope will send people directly to you.  Not just a couple people, but literally hundreds of people.  Instantly!

Now you're probably asking: what should I video that people would be interested in?  To be honest people are live streaming pretty uninteresting things and getting large audiences.  From a ministry perspective though, my encouragement is to have conversations.  Start a topic and be available to answer people's questions.  Try some of these Titles and see what happens:

  • Debriefing Easter 
  • Talking about Jesus
  • My Take on Jesus
  • Why I Read the Bible
  • My Favorite Verse

I think you will get great engagement right away with these titles, but feel free to not be super spiritual as well and just show a little bit about life.  You can try some of these titles as well:

  • My office setup
  • My favorite view
  • Talking Baseball

Just like any other social network, get started and be social.  Have fun and let me know what you think!  The platform is so new and will change fast.  Get ready and enjoy the ride!

Before I end this post I do want to share a few warnings/opinions:

  • Haters - there are lots of haters and porn seekers on the site.  They are annoying.  They need Jesus.  Understand that they are there, but if you can press through there is a great ministry opportunity.
  • Porn - there are porn producers using this platform like every other platform on the internet.  Honestly, I think they will kill it if Persiscope can't get a handle on it.  Let this be a warning and I encourage you to keep solid accountability in all of your internet use.  
  • Fad - I believe Periscope is a fad.  I think it will come and go pretty quickly.  The reality is that it is here now with a great opportunity.  The opportunity will fade and if you don't get it now I think you will miss the fad.  This is just an opinion though and I could be wrong.