Church Technology

Celebrating 5 Years at Community Bible Church

It's hard to believe that it's been 5 years since I first joined the staff at Community Bible Church!  5 years ago I had an unexpected lunch with Robert Emmitt and Chris Emmitt, which quickly led to a 90 day contract to launch an experiment called CBC Online.  90 days later I had a full-time job and the adventure began!  

As I look back over the past 5 years here are some of the highlights that stand out to me:

Honestly, I could go on and on as it's overwhelming to look back on all that God has done over the past 5 years.  I can without hesitation say that I am a different leader and a different man because of my time at Community Bible Church.  That has far less to do with the things I have done than it does with the people I have done it with.  The church staff at CBC is second to none and the privilege to lock arms with these servant leaders has been an incredible blessing.  As I look at the staff I have been privileged to lead on the Innovation team, I am so humbled as they have so passionately served the church and followed my lead while working behind the scenes so diligently.  More than anyone else, I have been most impacted by these three leaders that I have served under:

  1. Robert Emmitt (Lead Pastor) first entrusted me and empowered me.  He allowed me to lead while clearly casting vision and direction and making sure I had the resources needed to thrive.  His encouragement and motivation have inspired so many of our initiatives over the past 5 years.  Robert has taught me how to move fast and remain flexible while staying focused on the mission God has called us to.
  2. Chris Emmitt (Executive Pastor) has directly led me and supported me beyond what any leader could ever dream possible.  Chris has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and helped me see a bigger picture of ministry opportunities that I often missed because I was lost in the technology.  There is no one in this world that I enjoy white board ministry dreaming conversations with than Chris Emmitt!
  3. Trey Moore (Elder) has mentored me in more ways than I can describe.  Between early morning breakfast meetings or late night conversations after basketball, Trey has taught me so much about technology, innovation, leadership, and family.  Watching Trey lead with such passion and humility has been the greatest model that I could follow to lead innovation at CBC.  

One individual that I can't leave out from mentioning is Sean Metcalf (Education Pastor) who has been the greatest friend and partner in ministry than I can begin to describe.  From countless lunches to the quick pick me ups in the hall, Sean's constant encouragement has meant so much over 5 years.  We couldn't be much more different from our personalities, our outward appearance, and the technologies that we prefer (Sean uses a Dell without complaining).  Despite our personal differences our ministry minds couldn't be any more aligned and it's been an honor to serve alongside Sean for the past 5 years.

The great news is, it's only been 5 years and I believe we're only getting started!  I might be living in New York for this season, but my commitment and love for Community Bible Church is no less than it has ever been as I continue to serve the church with my whole heart and believe our best days are ahead!  I'm humbled by all that God has allowed for me to do, but I'm most focused and excited about the next 5 years and all I'm believing God to do!  


Church Technology Guide - Graphic Design

A month ago I launched a project I have dreamed about for a couple of years called the Church Technology Guide.  It's my goal to help church leaders maximize technology saving them time and money.  The first course in this series focused on Worship Production discussing basic audio/visual solutions and best practices to enhance your weekend worship services.  

I'm so excited to be launching the second course in this series about Graphic Design.  If you know me well, you know that I'm not a graphic designer nor did I know a lot about graphic design before this course.  I believe that is why this is the best course about graphic design for any church leader.  I structured this course with the basics in mind for a church leader with no graphic design experience, but values great design in their bulletins, sermon slides, song lyrics, social media platforms, website, flyers, posters, etc.  I brought in the expertise from my friends at Creative Church Staffing to help me guide you through these essential technologies in the life of your church.  

The bottom line is that every church no matter the size has design needs and I believe this course will help you look better while saving time and money.  Don't believe me or feel unsure about whether to buy the course or not?  Give the course a try today and if you don't feel like the course provided value to your church just let me know and I'll gladly without any questions reimburse your course fee.  

To purchase this Graphic Design Course today simply click here.  For the next week I am offering this course for half off of the regular price of $25 ($12.50).  I hope you will take advantage of this introductory offer and let others know of the resource as well.  

Church Technology Guide - Worship Production

For 18 months I have been dreaming about and working on this project and so today I'm excited to finally announce that the Church Technology Guide is here!  For the past 5 years I have been asking church leaders what their greatest pain points are when it comes to technology and in the coming months I will be responding to those pain points with practical solutions.  

Here's the reality for most ministry leaders: technology feels complicated and confusing and often quite expensive.  The truth is, it doesn't have to be.  There are very affordable solutions to almost all technology needs as well as practical steps that can save you lots of time and money.  I have yet to meet a pastor that doesn't like to save time and money!

The Church Technology Guide is a series of courses that targets to resolve the technology tension for ministry leaders.  Each course has an Intro Video from a landmark in New York City, Critical Questions to Ask, a Training Manual, an Expert Interview, Done for You Resources, Immediate Action Items and more.  Let me be clear, this is not a course for techies, this is a course for Pastors who want to know the essentials so that technology can get out of the way and ministry can be the focus.  

Today I am excited to share that we are releasing the first course focused on Worship Production (Audio/Visual).  We share practical tips on equipment to buy and avoid, best practices in using the equipment and systems to effectively manage it all.  I believe you will find the content in this course is practical to churches of less than 100 and more than 10,000.  

I'm also excited to share with you that as a part of our release of this course we will be offering this first course for just $10 for the first week only.  After that the course will be going up to $25.  I hope you will consider making this investment for your church as I believe it could save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.  

To learn more and purchase the course click here.   

10 Fundamentals to a Creative Church YouTube Strategy

Last night I attended an event here in New York at YouTube Spaces.  It was an experience to say the last to enter this space from the Elevator ride up to the presentation and the interactions.  I'm going to take the 10 basic fundamentals that they shared and help to adjust the presentation for your church to consider.

  1. Shareability - Are your videos funny, relatable or topical? Why would someone want to share your videos with their friends online?
  2. Conversation - Are you speaking to the audience watching the video or just posting sermons to a live audience and YouTubers get to watch?
  3. Interactivity - How can your YouTube audience interact with your video?  Consider asking a question for them to comment with their thoughts.
  4. Consistency - Are your videos all over the place when it comes to quality and tone?  As you build an audience online consistency of format and voice are very important.
  5. Targeting - Who do you want to reach with your YouTube videos? (Don't say everyone, please)
  6. Sustainability - If you build an audience on YouTube can you continue to feed the audience with more videos?  Don't over promise and under deliver.
  7. Discoverability - Do you title your videos for people to easily find through YouTube search?  Please don't user your church name and sermon date as your YouTube video title.
  8. Accessibility - Do your videos make sense to every viewer even if they have never seen another video of yours or been to your church?
  9. Collaboration - Can you bring other influencers into your YouTube videos that would likely connect with your audience as well as introduce their audience to your videos?
  10. Inspiration - Do you enjoy making videos for YouTube?  What you create should inspire you to make more and inspire your audience to watch more.  

I encourage you to go down this list and answer yes or no based on your church YouTube channel.  If you don't yet have a church YouTube channel, what are you waiting for?