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Free Course: iPhone Video Guide

Those who know me well, know that I'm quite the introvert and public speaking is not something I have pursued heavily.  Over time, I've come to really appreciate and value these opportunities though and love to share my learnings with leaders from all over the country and world. 

Speaking at conferences around the country has also provided me a great opportunity to learn through life experience what aspects of my presentations church leaders are most interested in.  One of the biggest things that I've found from these experiences is that video is becoming important to every church, no matter the size.  Every ministry leader wants to do more video, but it feels to complicated and expensive.

The exciting news that I get to share and thing that most ministry leaders are most shocked about is finding out that everything they need to create, edit and distribute great videos is already in their pocket.  This is why I created the iPhone Video Guide to simply communicate and demonstrate how truly easy it can be to create and share great videos using only your iPhone.

Now, I know many ministry leaders also use Android and 95% of this course is also applicable to Android users.  I however, have been a long time iPhone user and I wanted to share the content of this course out of personal experience and hands on engagement.  So, Android users please don't get upset and jump into the course.  Feel free to leave comments that share Android specific tips and tricks as well. I hope to get great engagement from everyone in this course!

One of the other decisions I made with this course was to make it FREE!  Honestly, there are no strings attached and I will likely charge for it in the future, but I would love to get this information out there to as many leaders as possible and get feedback.  I believe this simple course could exponentially increase the impact of any local church creating global media engagement.  

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