5 Online Tools to Increase Efficiency in Your Organization

Efficiency is the wise use of both time and energy - this is something everyone, not just leaders, struggle with. The good new is that there are tools that can help us in our day to day workflow maximizing our time and communication for greater efficiency.

In today's Vlog, I'll be sharing to you the 5 tools that will help you and your organization become more efficient. 

Email Marketing- Title Creatively

For the first 2 months of sending weekly email newsletters we titled the CBC Online Newsletter: "CBC Online Newsletter" or something similar. This sounded like a great title to us. There was just something about it that wasn't extremely appealing to our readers. After a couple of months, we made 1 simple adjustment to our email newsletters and our open rate more than doubled. We simply started adding creative titles, well at least descriptive titles with the attempt of being creative. By simply letting our readers know what was in the email and trying to make it appealing, they actually began reading it.

Here are some tips I would recommend in creating a title message for your email newsletter:

1) Keep it short 2) Connect it to the message 3) Make the reader curious

I would love to hear some of the creative titles that you have seen or used!

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What you can learn from Jerry Seinfeld

My good friend (and our Executive Pastor at CBC), Chris Emmitt, shared with me this video of Jerry Seinfeld.  If you are a communicator of any kind there is so much that you can learn from Jerry Seinfeld who is one of the greatest communicators of our time.  I encourage you to take 15 minutes and watch this video and then comment below what you learned from Jerry Seinfeld.

SoChurch... what is it?

I've been watching develop over the past month or so with a pretty impressive team that includes Tony Morgan (, Brad Lomenick (Catalyst), Michael Hyatt (Thomas Nelson Publishing), and many others.  They're pretty unclear on what exactly they're doing, but I'm confident that it will be game changing!  The tag line is: Church Communication, Simplified.  I don't know about you, but this sounds like a great idea to me! I'm eager to watch and see how this unfolds.  Anyone have any insight to what is in the works here?