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Best of August 2012

Now that August 2012 is behind of I wanted to reshare 3 of the most popular posts from the month with you: Developing the Idea for a Book

Irrational Generosity

Signing my First Book Deal!


Irrational Generosity

Last week I read a post from Terry Storch, Digerati Pastor at and co-founder of, discussing a new Church to Church team at that will be focused on these values:

  • We are all about the “capital C” Church!
  • We will lead the way with irrational generosity.
  • We are faith filled, big thinking, bet the farm risk takers!

Let these soak in and watch this 2 minute video with Craig Groeschel highlighting these values:


I've been a fan of for many years as they are the pioneers of Church Online and have been so generous to share their resources with other churches and ministries.  While in Youth Ministry I often used their OPEN resources that they made available for FREE!

Their generosity has been a great blessing to my ministry and it's my hope that I can in some way also cling to these same values and become irrationally generous in helping other ministries as well.

Can you imagine what the Church would be like if all local churches adopted these values?

What would happen if local churches adopted a mindset of cooperation rather than competition?

What if Irrational Generosity became the norm rather than the exception where serving each other as the Church (global church) rather than serving themselves as the church (local church)?

Jesus prayed this in John 17:23: "I am in them and you are in me. May they experience such perfect unity that the world will know that you sent me and that you love them as much as you love me."

May we be united in Christ generously sharing all that God has blessed us with so that the world may see His love through our love for each other!

Craig Groeschel at the Global Leadership Summit

Screen shot 2012-08-21 at 7.51.25 AM

Craig Groeschel is the Senior Pastor at in Oklahoma City.  He is an incredible leader and visionary that I have followed for many years and always look forward to hearing him speak.  Here are my notes from his session at this year's Global Leadership Summit:

Bridging the Generation Gap Older Generation- don't resent, fear, judge the next generation, believe in them God values maturity... if you're not dead, you're not done Invest your maturity in those who come behind you You do not just delegate tasks to the next generation, because that creates followers Delegate authority because that creates leaders Embrace the season that you are in, be yourself Know that for the younger generation authenticity trumps cool Psalm 71:18 For those in the Younger Generation- you need those in the older generation more than you know 1 word that describes 20 somethings in workplace- Entitled Because you feel entitled you overestimate what you can do in the short run, but underestimate what you can do in a lifetime of faithfulness Mark 6:4-6 Somehow because of the lack of honor and faith it limited what Jesus could do Honor values others, dishonor devalues them. Respect is earned, but honor is given. For the generations to work together, it must be intentional.  It does not happen by accident. How? 1)    create ongoing feedback loops (ex. reviews message with younger and older) 2)    create specific mentoring moments- don't try to copy what they do, learn how they think 3)    create opportunities for significant leadership development

Here are links to my Notes from the other speakers at the 2012 Summit:


Bill Hybels


Jim Collins


Condoleeza Rice



Willow Creek's Global Leadership Summit

This past week I was able to attend the first day of Willow Creek's Global Leadership Summit.  My friend Mike Sharrow gave me a free ticket three years ago and I have been hooked every since.

I used to be a Conference junkie and still love them, but I'm not able to attend as many as I used to.  This is one Conference that I do attend annually and will continue to for years to come.  Here are some of the keys that I love about the Conference:

1) I'm able to network with local leaders in my community with it being a simulcast site in San Antonio that I attend.

2) It's the lowest priced Conference that I go to each year being a simulcast and not having the travel costs of other conferences.

3) The speaker lineup is second to none with ministry, business, and political leaders from all over the world.

Over the next few days I will share some of the notes I took during the Conference from the sessions with Bill Hybels, Craig Groeschel, Condoleezza Rice, and Jim Collins.

Did you attend the WCA Global Leadership Summit?  If so, who were your favorite speakers?

What are your favorite Conferences to attend each year and why?


Here are links to my Notes from the speakers at the 2012 Summit:

Bill Hybels

Jim Collins

Condoleeza Rice

Craig Groeschel



Resource Suggestion:


I have to admit, I'm a junkie.  I'm costantly blown away be the resources they put out there for FREE!  I've used their Youth Ministry videos, small group materials, and daily use the YouVersion iPhone App.  I just heard about a new set of resources they are putting out on  This is simply a website with downloadable video messages from some of the best communicators of the gospel from around the world!  Can you imagine needing to be out one Sunday or having lost your voice and your fill-in for the day is Andy Stanley, Craig Groeschel, or Mark Driscoll?  Pretty good back up plan... and it's FREE!  Actually, I wouldn't consider this a back up plan, but I would filter through these messages and find some opportunities for your congregation to experience the teachings of some of these great pastors on a regular basis.  I look forward to seeing what pastors/speakers are added to this list in the future and how this FREE resource like so many others that has put out will impact our world in powerful ways with the message of Jesus Christ!