Dawn Nicole Baldwin

Social Media Can Kill Your Brand

Last week at the Echo Conference I attended a breakout with Dawn Nicole Baldwin entitled 5 Quick Ways Social Media Can Kill Your Brand.  You might have read my previous post that included the video: United Breaks Guitars, this illustration highlighting an organization's brand that was killed due to social media. That illustration was my biggest takeaway from the breakout that I won't quickly forget.  She shared 5 great suggestions and added 5 thoughts to chew on  for any organization when utilizing Social Media: 5 Quick Ways Social Media Can Kill Your Brand:

1)   Failing to Plan

2)   Wrong People in Leadership

3)   Set it and Forget it

4)   Not Adding Value

  1. It’s not about you, it’s about them

5)   Expect Miracles

  1. Not a substitute for other media channels

5 Things to Chew On:

1)   Understand what the primary purpose of Social Media

  1. Connecting and Sharing

2)   Determine what your hoping to accomplish before you jump in

  1. Determine what will be measured
  2. What is important?

3)   Find your voice

  1. Don’t try and be something that we’re not
  2. Keep your voice consistent

4)   Know your audience

  1. What needs are you filling?
  2. How do they want to be communicated with?

5)   How does this fit with what we’re already doing?

YouTube Highlight: United Breaks Guitars

This past week at the Echo Conference, I attended a seminar led by Dawn Nicole Baldwin.  She shared this video as an example of the power of Social Media.  United broke Dave Carroll's Taylor guitar on a flight and refused to fix it or buy him a new one.  Dave responded by creating and posting this video on YouTube which has now been viewed by almost 9 million.  It is estimated that this has cost United Airlines millions of dollars and has brought Dave great publicity to his music that he couldn't have gotten elsewhere. Social Media is causing the need for excellence in customer service/satisfaction to go to new levels.  Have you ever posted a complaint about a business or organization on Facebook or Twitter?  Do you search for comments about your organization to see what people are saying about you online?

I will close this post by briefly sharing about an experience I had with Gene Brown Transmissions:

About 8 years ago, I dropped off my Durango to get some work done to my AC.  I still don't know why I took it to Gene Brown Transmissions, but I did.  I basically lost about a $1,000 and lots of time.  The big shocker though in my experience with Gene Brown occurred on the last time (about 5 different attempts at fixing the AC Compressor).  I dropped off my car to get the same thing fixed that was never fixed the first time.

After a week in the shop and an expensive rental car bill, I was tired of waiting for them to be done so I just went in to the shop and said I needed the car back even without the AC fixed.  What I found when I got home was that over 300 miles had been driven in my car and here's the BIG shocker: THERE WAS A CRACK PIPE IN MY GLOVE BOX!

We took it back to show the owner and he said it was the manager's crack pipe and there was nothing he could do.  I tried to get the news station to do a story, but they weren't interested.  I ended up having to eat the money and paying someone else to fix my car.  I believe I still have that crack pipe in a ziplock bag filed away somewhere if you're ever interested in what one looks like.

That's my story of poor customer service.  Maybe I should make a music video.