Dr- Tabor

Facebook Tips: Communicating Action

The first wedding that I ever officiated was outdoors on a hot summer day in San Antonio.  I was incredibly nervous and don't remember much about the ceremony.  I will never forget asking my wife how I did afterwards, and the first thing she said was: "Did you notice that you never told everyone that they could be seated?"

That wasn't in my notes.  I didn't think people needed to be told to be seated.  I was so focused on the 2 people in front of me that I somehow lost sight of the 100 people behind them.

Too often we assume people know what action to take so we never communicate it to them.

About a year ago I began researching some of the most interactive Facebook pages out there and connected with  Dr. Aaron Tabor who manages a page called Jesus Daily.  Jesus Daily then had about 2 million "Likes" and today has over 8 million.  Beyond the number of people on the page though, was the incredible amount of interactions.  I asked Dr. Tabor what his secret was and his response was so simple: "We communicate how we want people to respond."

If you go to Jesus Daily, you will see that at the end of each post they will ask for you to "Like" if you agree or "Comment" to share your prayer request.  It seems so simple but as we began to apply this simple technique to the CBC Online Facebook page we watched our interactions almost triple!

In case you did not know this already, Facebook's algorithm as to what is shown on the News Feed is based on the number of interactions (Comment, Likes, and Shares).  So if someone "Likes" your post it will then show in more news feeds and if they then "Like" the post it shows even more.  It basically creates a domino affect.

We have also found that as our interactions continue to grow on the CBC Online Facebook page, so do the number of people who now "Like" our page.  I'm guessing this is key to why the Jesus Daily page has grown by 6 million "Likes" in a year!

I encourage you to give this technique a try on your Facebook page, I can almost guarantee that you will see similar results.  That is unless your content isn't worth liking, but that's another post for another day.