Ed Newton

10 Ministry Leaders to Follow on Twitter

People enjoy connecting with other people rather than organizations. When it comes to social media, you will likely be most effective connecting with people through your personal platforms rather than your church/ministry/organization platforms.  
Here are 10 ministry leaders on Twitter that are worth following and learning from as they do an incredible job engaging their followers on Twitter:

  1. Rick Warren
  2. Matthew Barnett
  3. TD Jakes
  4. Beth Moore
  5. Jon Acuff
  6. Ron Edmondson
  7. Ed Stetzer
  8. Max Lucado
  9. Tony Morgan
  10. John Piper

I’m also proud to say that my pastor is crushing it on Twitter.  If you’re not yet following Ed Newton make sure to follow him today!  

Here are a few of my clients that are also engaging in a really great way on Twitter:

Welcome to CBC, Ed Newton!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to introduce you to our new Lead Pastor at Community Bible Church, Ed Newton. I met Ed about 4 years ago when he came to speak at CBC’s Mancation Retreat. I actually take pride in “finding” Ed as a friend had recommended him as a gifted communicator and as I heard him speak online I immediately shared the links with Chris Emmitt.  It wasn’t much more than a month or two later that I met Ed at the San Antonio airport. I guess you can say, “we met on the internet.” That actually happens to me a lot.

Ed wasn’t what you would typically expect for a preacher getting off of a plane. He was wearing long basketball shorts, a tank top and flat-billed cap with hair down to his shoulders. It didn’t take much more than 30 seconds after meeting Ed that I felt like his best friend and just wanted to hear more of his stories and thoughts on life and ministry.

He, Chris Emmitt and I went to lunch, played some basketball and began the drive to the middle of nowhere where we almost ran out of gas at one point. We had an adventure to say the least. It was entertaining to see the men first notice Ed with somewhat of a look of shock when the skater kid was handed the microphone. Again, it didn’t take Ed much more than 30 seconds to have the 500+ men gathered fully attentive to every word.

The depth of Ed’s message combined with his relevant communication style and genuine care and passion immediately engages anyone who hears him speak. I don’t use this word often, but Ed is truly an anointed communicator of the Gospel.

A little more than a month ago I got a call from my friend and pastor, Robert Emmitt, asking me what I thought about Ed Newton coming to Community Bible Church and transition into our Lead Pastor role. I had the same response that Robert tells me most others have had as well that know Ed, extreme excitement!


So, in case you have not heard, Ed Newton will be transitioning in as the new Lead Pastor at Community Bible Church in San Antonio and Robert Emmitt will be transitioning into his new role as Pastor Emeritus.

Ed is a visionary leader with a deep anointing as a Gospel communicator to lead the church as One House from the pulpit and send them out into the world on mission. Over the past couple of weeks as we have prepared for this transition it becomes more and more clear that God has been preparing both Ed and CBC for such a time as this. I believe with great confidence that Ed is God’s anointed leader for this next season of Community Bible Church’s history and our best days lie ahead!

So, the question that you are likely thinking: what’s Robert going to do? Well, this is the great part. Robert’s not going anywhere! He is staying at CBC as the Pastor Emeritus and will be marrying, burying, preaching as needed and volunteering where wanted. For those of you who are Community Bible Church members you will likely see Robert all of the time in his familiar role on stage preaching as well as other less familiar roles like greeting at doors, having fun at VBS or swinging on ropes at camp. Maybe the swinging on ropes isn’t so unfamiliar.

If you are a church leader you might be pessimistic about this transition and if this can really work. To be honest, at most churches I don’t think it could. At Community Bible Church I believe it will for one key reason: humility. Robert Emmitt and Ed Newton are the two must humble leaders I have ever been around. These two men have been so uniquely gifted as leaders and communicators where pride could easily entangle them. That is not the case and as they both continue to lead with great humility. Out of that humility and mutual respect for each other and their new leadership roles I believe God will do a greater work than we have ever seen.

Ed, welcome to Community Bible Church and San Antonio! You’re going to love the Spurs, the Rodeo, Shamu and Mexican food! San Antonio is said to be the biggest city that feels like a small town as everyone is so friendly. More than this great city, you’re going to love Community Bible Church. This church is filled with some of the most generous, loving, servant hearted individuals I have had the privilege of doing life with. I am so excited about locking arms with you and pursuing the Great Commission through the Great Commandment together!  

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