Facebook Live Streaming

Facebook Live is Here

Have you tried Facebook Live yet?  It’s now available to all individuals in the United States and to many Pages.  It seems that they are slowly rolling this feature out to Profiles around the world and to Pages that are verified.  

If you were a Periscope user you likely noticed that traffic has dropped significantly over the past 3 months and much of this is due to the integration of Facebook Live.  I love how Facebook set this up in such an easy to use way through your mobile device.  

To get started streaming live simply go to update your status and click the icon shown below: 


Create a title and start streaming!  It really is that easy and immediately after you’re done streaming, the video is available for anyone to view anytime.  It’s so easy I won’t get in how to do it, but I will share a few ideas on how you can use it:

  1. Church Services - if your church is not yet streaming this is a great way to start.  Set a smartphone up on a tripod and you are 2 clicks away from Live Streaming your church services!

  2. Bible Studies - this format will work best in a master teacher Bible study format where anyone anywhere can participate by viewing the teaching while also engaging by asking questions through the Comments.

  3. Motivational Messages - this is where I see the greatest opportunity for Pastors that have a 3-5 minute motivational message to share that message anywhere anytime from their phone while also engaging with those who have comments and questions about the topic.

  4. Office Hours - who doesn’t want to ask their Pastor a Question?  Setup a dedicated time for “Office Hours” and turn on Facebook Live and answer questions whatever they might be.  

  5. Special Events - ever wanted to act like a news report live on scene?  Now you can while at Youth Camp, baptisms or other special events that the whole congregation might not be able to be physically present to participate in, but would love to see what’s going on.  

What are some other ideas?  I would love to hear your thoughts or creative ways that you have seen people use this exciting new feature on Facebook.

Facebook Live Streaming is Here for Everyone!

Have you seen glimpses of Live Streaming on Facebook and curious how you could do it? Me too! Now, it appears that we all can do it.  

On your iPhone (assuming you all use iPhones) in your Facebook app select Status and then click the option below:

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 7.39.02 AM.png


You give it a Title and then you're live streaming. It took about 20 seconds and then friends were joining me live. The video was in a box form (similar to Instagram) and I was able to see and interact with Comments live. The video was then available immediately after the live stream with the Comments still there and other people could pop in and comment on it.  

What are you waiting for? Start live streaming! See what happens! What do you have to lose?

If you thought Periscope was a game changer, you haven't seen anything yet! Consider Periscope a thing of the past and start live streaming on Facebook today!  

I have to mention that it doesn't look like Pages can live stream yet, but know that this is likely just around the corner. Don't wait though. Start live streaming from you personal account and begin taking advantage of this feature today!