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Mommy, What is Salvation?

Let me first introduce you an incredible children's book titled "Mommy, What is Salvation?" written by June Gray Wyrick and Kristen Wyrick Jones.  As a new parent, I love a resource such as this that I can share with my daughter communicating the gospel to her in such a beautiful way.  Beyond the impact to my family alone, I'm even more excited for the Kingdom impact that this book will have on thousands of children all over the world!

This book was written by Kristen Jones sharing the story of how her mother communicated the gospel message of Salvation to her and her brothers.  Kristen was my Youth Minister as a teen as well as my boss in one of my first ministry opportunities.  Her life has communicate the gospel to so many and she has personally impacted my life and ministry more than I could begin to communicate in this post.

Whenever anyone thinks of Kristen they immediately think of missions and the ministry impact that Kristen has had all over the world.  This mission of this book is at the core of what Kristen's life and ministry represent as the goal is for this to be a ministry tool used all over the world.  The book is already available in Creole (for Haiti), Spanish, Portuguese, Burmese, and Thai.

I just received a message that there is a ministry in mainland China that is ready to print 10,000 of these books to be distributed to migrant children!  You can be a part of making this a reality!  By purchasing 1 book you are making it possible to print 5 more in China!

To purchase a book and to find out more about this incredible ministry please go to

Awkward Situations

Yesterday I had an incredibly awkward situation and I was reminded of the Student Life "Awkward Situations" videos that we used to play regularly at FUMC Houston.  We all know awkward people and deal with awkward situations on a regular basis.  I would love to hear an awkward situation that happened to you recently.

So many come to mind for me, but this video from a youth group reminded me of one I had recently.  I was in a one on one meeting with someone who fell asleep while I was speaking.  Do I stop speaking?  Do I wake them up?  or do I just continue and hope they wake up?  I went with the last option.  It was hilarious to watch them pretend like they had not fallen asleep and think that maybe I had not noticed.  The hardest part wasn't continuing my statement but finishing the meeting without getting the giggles.

Please share some of your awkward situations!