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FREE Social Media Webinar May 27

Group Social Media Webinar

I'm so excited to be working with Group Publishing to offer this FREE Social Media Webinar on May 27th!  Here are the details:

Social media (Facebook, Twitter etc...) can feel a little overwhelming to a busy pastor or ministry leader. Perhaps you've thought, "I know I should be using if for my church, but I don't know where to start!" This webinar will help you narrow the field to the top 3 social media networks that will help you grow your ministry.

What You'll learn:

  • An overview of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to understand how to utilize them, and the difference they'll make in your ministry.
  • How to practically use these three platforms in a church setting.
  • Engaging examples of how churches have used social media to change lives. 

If you can't make the webinar time be sure to register anyway, we'll send you a link of the recording to watch afterward.

Webinar will be approximately 50 minutes in length.

Wed, May 27, 2015 9:00 AM PST / 10:00 AM MDT / 11:00 AM CST / 12 Noon EST

For more information and to register go to

The eConnect Conference is Back

Back by popular demand this year is Group's eConnect Conference.  This one one of my favorite events to be a part of this last year and so excited to participate again this year!  If for no other reason to attend this conference is the opportunity to visit Group's headquarter's in Loveland, Colorado.  The setting is beautiful and the facility is incredibly inspiring.  

Better than the location though are the presenters at this conference as I'll be joined by my friends Jason Caston, Brian Abbott and the great Bob D'Ambrosio.  These guys are some of the sharpest guys when it comes to church technology, but they are also some of the most humble and down to earth guys I know as well.  

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If you have any questions about the conference at all please don't hesitate to Comment or hit the Contact button above as I would love to help.  To learn more and to register for the conference click the graphic above or go here.

Join me at the eConnect Conference

eConnect Conference
eConnect Conference

I would love for you to join me at the eConnect Conference on January 29-31, 2014 in beautiful Loveland, CO.  Group is hosting this event where we will be discussing how to use online tools for greater ministry impact.  I'm also very excited to be joined by my good friend Jason Caston, author of the iChurch Method v. 1 & 2 and soon to be good friend, Brian Abbott.

At this event we will discuss social media, websites, mobile apps, and how all of these things translate to becoming effective ministry tools.  I can't wait for the conversations that will be had and hope you will be a part.  Click here for more information and to register for this exciting event!

Now Available on Kindle & ePub

I'm a digital reader and I know many of you are as well!  It's easier, faster, & cheaper!  That's why I'm so excited to share with you that the Social Media Guide for Ministry is now available on the Amazon Kindle and in the ePub format.  Here's where you can get it: Amazon Kindle click here. ePub click here.

If you haven't already I ask that after reading the Social Media Guide for Ministry that you stop by Amazon and leave it a review.  Even if you didn't by the book from Amazon you can still leave a review here.  Please be honest with your review as well and help others better understand why they should or should not purchase the book.

Thank You Group Publishing

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 10.13.16 PM
Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 10.13.16 PM

Last week was incredible with the release of my first book, Social Media Guide for Ministry, and the Virtual Book Tour that we held.  Over the next few days there are many people/organizations that I want to thank, but I want to first thank Group Publishing.

I'm still so grateful that my boss, Chris Emmitt, shared what was then a PDF document with Breanna Emmitt who believed in it enough to share it with Sue Brage who pushed to have it published by Group!  It has been an incredible journey over the past 6 months leading up to the release and I couldn't be more grateful for the incredible team at Group.  They have been so supportive of me as a new author and it's my hope to have a long-term relationship with them for years to come!

If you're not already familiar with Group and all of the many resources that they offer, I encourage you to go to right now and check out all of their resources.

Once you get there, I encourage you to scroll to the bottom of the page and learn more about the history of the organization!  I also know that they have some positions open if you're looking for a job at a great organization!

Thank You Sue Brage and the incredible team at Group Publishing!