My Top 5 Oculus Go Apps After 1 Month

A month after launching Oculus Go, there have been so many creative apps available! From socializing with others, to video content, to even painting– it’s awesome how these apps allow us to maximize virtual reality. In this episode, I’m sharing my top 5 Oculus Go Apps so far.

Cutting the Cord

Have you cut the cord yet?  Our family made this decision almost 2 years ago for the primary reason of saving money.  Today, we don’t miss cable for a number of reasons.  What we have found is that our TV watching is far more intentional and just not nearly as essential as we thought.  It almost makes me sick to think how much we used to just leave the TV on because we had cable.  No more time wasted just channel surfing.  While there are a few things we have missed, we still get to watch almost everything we want and honestly even more.  

The first thing I advise you to do in order to cut the cord is to choose a set top box that will allow you to stream video to your TV. Two years ago that was primarily Roku for us, a year ago we switched to Amazon Fire TV, and now we are about to make what I believe to be our last move to Apple TV.  These boxes (or sometimes even just sticks) are essentially small computers that connect to the internet and to your TV. You then download apps like you do on your smart phone and can watch streaming video through that. Here are the key apps for us that make it all work great:

  • Netflix – (cost $8/month) this was the big game changer for us as Netflix had tons of great kids content and cartoons as well as some TV series that we have been able to leisurely watch.  We love not having to wait week to week to watch a new episode.  Some of the series we love to watch have been Lost, Prison Break, Friday Night Lights, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, and Orange is the New Black (don’t judge me).  My wife will also tell you that I’ve watched just about every Documentary on Netflix.
  • Hulu – (cost $8/month) this is how we keep up with our favorite TV shows.  I love watching Shark Tank each week and Nashville is my soap opera of choice.  My wife is a big Jimmy Fallon fan and probably spends more time than I do on Hulu.  So many options whether you want to watch entire series or watch episodes 24 hours after they premier on live television.  
  • Sling TV –  (cost $20/month) this has been the newest addition and quickly became the family favorite.  It has actually brought cable back into our lives a little bit as we are able to stream live cable channels like ESPN and my kids favorite: Disney Junior.  Not only can you watch these channels live, but you can also view the past week’s content On-Demand.  
  • Amazon Prime – (FREE for us) if you’re not already a Prime Subscriber in order to get free 2 day shipping on Amazon purchases I’m not sure that you should continue reading this post.  Stop what you’re doing and sign up today.  That’s another post for another day though.  Along with all of the other great Prime perks comes a video content library that really does rival Netflix with great content.  We actually use Prime primarily for movie watching as we have a family movie night most every Friday night.
  • RightNow Media –  (FREE) if you don’t already have a RightNow Media account you need to connect with a church who can get you one.  If you don’t know of one visit today to get access as we would love for you to be a part of our RightNow Media community.  This incredible library of streaming content is filled with great Bible studies and children’s content that we all love.  It even includes a ton of great Veggie Tales videos that never get old for the kids.  

So, if you haven’t cut the cord, what are you waiting on?  I guess there is one last thing I left off.  We also bought a $40 Leaf Antennae.  Yep, just like the good old days and it works great for live TV… in HD!  Honestly, while I hope you will cut the cord to save money, I hope you cut the cord even more to save time.  I think TV is great for many reasons including unwinding and relaxing.  I still think there is way too much time wasted in front of TVs in 90% of households and I would love to see this change.