Ignite Seminar with Nelson Searcy

This past Tuesday I attended the Ignite Seminar in Houston with Nelson Searcy.  Over the past year I have become a big fan of Nelson Searcy's ministry at The Journey Church in New York as well as his resources through Church Leader Insights.  Anyways, here are some key questions that  I took away from his Ignite seminar on Monday:

Big Question: Can your church/ministry double in one day?

When we look at big days (Christmas, Easter, Back to School) in the life of the church, do we really maximize them to the fullest potential?

Do you have an Assimilation system in place to effectively connect those that attend on a big day?

Here are some key elements to the big day: prayer, fasting, presentation of the gospel, advance planning, effective leadership, church mobilazation, repentance, church expansion, and baptisms. 

Are you ready for a big day in the life of your church?

If you have a chance to purchase Nelson's Ignite seminar or login to one of his webinars, I highly suggest it!