The Power of Belief and Investment

10 years ago I was a young ministry leader who knew everything. Luckily a large, growing church hired me to take them to the next level (that was my perspective) as their Jr. High Pastor. They truly believed in me and the Senior Pastor offered to meet with me weekly as a mentor. I agreed not because I was excited about it, but because he was my boss's boss's boss. During those sessions he spoke into my life and invested in me greatly. At the time I did not appreciate his belief and investment in me, but today see how much those conversations have shaped who I am today as a leader. Not only did he invest his time, but also gave me a book allowance and sent me to 5 conferences in 2 years. Then I left and he wasn't upset, but rather celebrated the new opportunity for me. Since that time God has humbled me greatly and continued to put great leaders around me like Kristen Jones, Hardy Clemons, and countless others who believed in me enough to invest time, energy, and resources into my leadership. Each of those investments have been critical to the leader I have become.

About a year ago my sister and brother-in-law made a unique investment in me that means more than they could know. They will probably be upset that I let anyone know, but I think it's important for you all to understand how meaningful belief and investment can be. They demonstrated their belief in me by purchasing an iPad and giving it to me as an investment in my ministry. They are not rich and I know the sacrifice they made to make this happen. It brings tears to my eyes even thinking about it and has continued to encourage me every time I use the iPad (which is every day).

Their demonstration of belief through that investment honestly inspired me to blog more, consult more intentionally, and write the Social Media Guide for Ministry. What they gave me as an investment went far beyond the physical resource of an iPad, but emotional encouragement that continues to push me forward each day as a ministry leader and innovator.

I hope you will consider who you might invest in as a leader and demonstrate your belief in them. Maybe the investment is time or maybe it is a physical resource like an iPad. Either way I believe it will be a great investment worth making that will reap fruits for years to come.