John Mark McMillan

John Mark McMillan releases new album today! #jmmeconomy

As I think back to my top 5 ministry experiences, one of those has to be hosting a worship night with the Robbie Seay Band and John Mark McMillan about 3 years ago.  It was right as JMM was becoming better known and How He Loves Us was beginning to get some radio time.  That was a night I will never forget and I have followed John Mark's music very closely since then.

I was honored then when I was sent 5 of the tracks from his new album, "Economy", to preview.  Honestly, it's all I have listened to over the past two weeks and I think you will have the same experience once you download this album.  I encourage you to take a minute to watch the video below where John Mark discusses this album and then go to to purchase this great music.

Music Suggestion: Jillian Edwards

About a month ago we hosted a concert at Segue with Robbie Seay Band and John Mark McMillanJillian Edwards from Waco was also part of the package and was an incredible addition to the night.  I had never heard of Jillian before this, but I know she will be one that I will be hearing for a long time to come.  Robbie Seay told me that Jillian is about to head into the studio with same producer that works with Switchfoot and we should expect great things ahead in the future.  Jillian's current music is incredible, I can't wait to hear what's ahead!  Take a minute and check out her MySpace and listen to some of her tunes and share with a friend.