Key Ministry

3 Questions with Dr. Steve Grcevich

Over the past 2 years or so I have had the privilege of serving Key Ministry as a Consultant.  In the process I have grown very close with the founder and visionary leader of the ministry, Dr. Steve Grcevich.  He's a tremendous leader, visionary and most of all a great friend.  It's been an honor to serve the ministry and get to know Steve better over this time.  Here are three questions that I recently asked Steve:


1.  What led to the creation of Key Ministry from the beginning and how have you seen the ministry develop over the years?

I was serving on our local church’s Board in 1997 when Libby Peterson (at that time, the children’s ministry director, now Key Ministry’s Vice President) came to a Board meeting to report on the efforts the church was engaged in to serve a cohort of highly committed families who adopted children from orphanages in Russia and Bulgaria after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Many of the families experienced challenges maintaining their involvement at church because of the emotional or behavioral challenges their children demonstrated when they attempted to bring them to church, or experienced difficulties finding qualified child care to sustain participation in small groups or other church activities.