NYC Favorite Things - CoWorking Locations

One of my best finds in New York was Croissant. This is an app that allowed for me to utilize various co-working spaces around the city. I loved having both this convenience and the excuse to visit various areas around the city. I also loved picking up differing creative and productivity vibes created by each of the co-working spaces I was able to visit. Here were 5 of my favorite co-working spots on the city:

     LMHQ - this was my go to place to get things done. Their location in Lower Manhattan was ideal for me and I loved the creative energy in this place with the create paint (dry erase on all walls) and layout of the space. They also always had a great playlist on in the collaborative area.

     Joynture - this was my second go to location right off of Wall Street. They have a high class and creative space with dedicated call booths (very important to me). They also have a stocked fridge, abundant snacks and an espresso machine. Oh yeah, and they have an oversized Jenga game in the back.

     Workville - location, location, location. This incredible spot right in Times Square is fantastic with a wrap around outdoor balcony with a beautiful view of the Empire State Building and most of Midtown. They also have great call rooms and good coffee. I would have been more of a regular here if it weren’t a longer commute from our apartment in Brooklyn.

     Rise - I loved the energy in this space and the overall creative energy. They have a great location right next to the Flatiron building and some cool elements like a Recording Studio and 3D Printer. They only had 1 call booth, which was often occupied making this location challenging for me with all of the calls that I have every day.

     Rough Draft - this spot in Williamsburg fits the vibe of that area perfectly. Honestly, I’m not nearly cool enough to work here regularly. I loved being here and so dug the vibe. I highly recommend others check it out, especially if you are doing creative work.


Co-working is a trend that is not just growing in New York City, but all over the world. I expect to see more places continuing to pop up around New York and throughout cities everywhere. Not every co-working location is for everyone. I would love to hear your thoughts on co-working and any experiences you have had through venues like this.

Do You Have a Collaboration Space?

Since moving to New York one of my greatest frustrations has been finding a core community of innovators to engage with face to face.  I know the city is packed with them, but between my travel and working from home I just have not been able to find a place to consistently connect in the city.  I tried several co-working spots, but the truth is that I don't need a co-working space as I have a very effective and efficient space at home to be productive.  The cost of a co-working space to just drop in and meet people just didn't work for me.  

This past week I became a member of LMHQ in New York City.  LMHQ is a Collaboration Space for creators and creatives in Lower Manhattan with the goal of coming together to collaborate, activate, and accelerate their growth. When I heard about the space I was immediately fascinated by the vision and loved that they communicated over and over that they are NOT a coworking space.  You can read more about it  here in an article that Forbes did on the space.

What do you think about a collaboration space?  Is this the future or is this excessive?

If you're ever in New York and want to meet up, I've got the perfect place for you to meet me!  Guests are more than welcome!