LinkedIn Church

Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is much more than a place to post your resume and get a job.  It is actually one of my favorite social media sites that I don't use enough and their newly updated iPhone App has really caught my attention.  I honestly believe that LinkedIn has more staying power than Facebook or Twitter because of it's target audience and professional usefulness.

People often tell me that they just want to use 1 social media site and they have already chosen Facebook.  That's fine for some, but I think there are many more people who desire to separate their professional life from their personal life which is where LinkedIn enters the picture.

LinkedIn offers you a chance to share your about your professional experiences and connect with others coworkers, clients, or former classmates outside of Facebook.

Facebook recently announced that after now reaching 750 million users they are no longer focused on building the base of users but now building a better user experience.  I believe LinkedIn is about a year away from making this transition.  The user base continues to grow rapidly and I believe that in the coming years this will be an incredible site for users to really build their professional network and simply just build their business within LinkedIn.

I grew up watching the master networker, my father.  He worked in Sales and one of his greatest networking activities was being a part of the Rotary Club.  The best way that I can describe LinkedIn is that it is a virtual Rotary Club.  It's a community though that you don't have to wait until the weekly or monthly gathering to share or connect with.  In this online community you can connect with your network whenever and wherever you are.

In ministry it has been a great way for me to connect with other pastors and ministry leaders with similar interests and passions.  I have also been about to connect with other Social Media enthusiasts in the marketplace, some that I have met in person and others that I have not.

LinkedIn still has a long way to go when it comes to development of the site, but as its user base continues to grow and the site continues to develop I believe that LinkedIn will be a site that most will begin using on a daily basis.

If we're not already connected on LinkedIn, I hope you will go here and send me an invitation to connect.