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Google Analytics: Understanding Your Need for Mobile

A couple of years ago the word mobile started becoming the buzz around technology circles.  Web developers discussed the need for mobile apps or a mobile friendly website.  People often blow it off because they don't use mobile to surf the web or they embrace it blindly trusting the "experts".  With Google Analytics you can track your website and see how many people view the site on a mobile device, here's how: When you enter Google Analytics first go to the "Audience" Tab, then click "Mobile", then "Overview".  Scroll down below the graph and you will see this information:

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 8.47.43 PM
Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 8.47.43 PM

The "No" tells you how many people are viewing your site on a laptop or desktop computer.  The "Yes" tells you how many people are viewing your site on a mobile device.  My guess is that your statistics will look much like ours if you track over the past two years and the mobile number continues to grow steadily.  Because of our tracking this information we have chosen to move forward with both a mobile optimized website and a native mobile app.  I will be eager to see how these numbers change as we not just understand that mobile is important to our audience, but we optimize the web experience for those mobile users.

By the way, I noticed that around 30% of you on this blog prefer to view the site on a mobile device.  Yet another reason why I love having the Standard Theme with their natural mobile friendly functionality!

Have you gone mobile or considering the need to be more mobile friendly?  Do you see similar trends in your web analytics?

My New Job

A little more than 2 years ago I came on staff at Community Bible Church on a trial basis to launch CBC Online.  The "trial" quickly ended and the ministry grew faster than anyone could have imagined possible.  I also have had the privilege of serving as the Interim Young Adult Pastor for about a year as well which was a great opportunity working alongside Chris Emmitt and Phil Vega with Two42. One of the exciting things about working at CBC is that things are always changing and you're never really able to get too comfortable with what you're doing.  About two weeks ago I was offered a new opportunity at CBC to join the Executive Team and expand my role becoming the WebPastor.  This is an exciting new role to really expand what I was doing with CBC Online (now Online Church) creating a seamless approach to everything we do as a church online.

I of course accepted and we began moving forward with our new web strategy.  We will be partnering with Plain Joe Studios tapping into their expertise when it comes to strategy, design, and development.  They will begin building our core web presence at and helping to provide a seamless flow from that site to all other online platforms including Social Networks, Online Church, and the development of a mobile App.

Speaking of a mobile app, we have also entered into an agreement with iGivings in the development of the first CBC App.  This is an exciting partnership to work with the great people at iGivings and develop a mobile app with incredible functionality for users on the go or while they sit in church.  We have looked at many mobile app possibilities over the past two years, but the situation was never right and immediately after connecting with iGivings it was a natural fit to partner with their great team of developers expanding our ministry to a native mobile app.

I can't be more excited about this new opportunity and the privilege that I have to lead these new ministry efforts at CBC.  I'm humbled to be trusted with such a task and honored to serve such a great church under such great leadership.  I will look forward to sharing with you our learnings as we take our next steps and see where God leads us in the coming months and years.