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Social Media Church Basics

A few months ago I was in Southern California having a cup of coffee with my friend Jay Kranda after speaking at a Conference in the area. One of the things I shared with Jay was the consistent feedback that I would get after one of the conferences where someone would say: "Do you have this recorded somewhere, because I really wish ______ could have been here to hear this." Jay and I decided over that cup of coffee that we should record something like this making available a full-day Social Media Conference On-Demand where the Q & A never ended. On that day we set a day to record, laid out a basic outline, and got to work creating what we now call the Social Media Church Basics.  

As we prepared for this course, I began looking back as it was about 3 years ago that I began writing my book Social Media Guide for Ministry. The landscape has changed significantly and I no longer have to sell social media as a force, but I still need to coach people on how to get started and understanding the basics. That's what this course is all about. I would describe this as the 2.0 version of my book distributed in video this time rather than text. It also includes my good friend, Jay Kranda, which makes this a major upgrade!

In case you're not already familiar with Jay, he is the Online Campus Pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forrest California as well as my co-host of the Social Media Church Podcast.  He also wrote a book about Social Media titled Social Media Made Easy. He's a great guy who gets social media and ministry and knows how to communicate it in a very practical way.  

So, back to the course.  The course is simple consisting of about 6 video training sessions from Jay and I lasting about 30 minutes each.  Each session also includes a discussion board where we're expecting very lively Q & A. When you sign up for the course you get lifetime access to the course including ongoing updates and ongoing community through the Discussion Boards where Jay and I will both actively participate answering every question asked in a timely manner.  

Here's a layout of the 6 sessions:

  1. Getting Started with Social Media
  2. Getting to Know Facebook
  3. Understanding the Other Social Networks
  4. Creating Great Content
  5. Managing Social Media
  6. Wrap Up/Tips & Tricks

If you feel like this course will help you and your church, I hope you won't hesitate to jump right in. As this is our first course and we are wanting to get as many people registered for it as possible, we are offering it at 50% off from now until the end of the year.  So, that means that this $50 course, is available right now for $25! To read more or sign up for the course simply click the button below!

If you have any questions at all simply comment and I would love to answer them. I hope the first question you have for me will be in the course though!

Social Media Guide for Ministry gets summarized by Ministry Library

I became a subscriber to Ministry Library a couple of months ago and love their book summaries allowing to learn more in less time.  I was overwhelmed when they reached out to me asking if they could summarize my book and I just received an email that it is live.

Book Tour - Facebook Foundations

Facebook now has over 1 billion users worldwide which can provide great value to almost every ministry or waste a lot of time if you don’t know how to use the platform effectively.  Understanding the capabilities of this network, as well as developing a practical strategy, can translate to very valuable ministry.  I will share tips and tricks for using Facebook both personally and organizationally by sharing his personal experiences and how the Online Church Facebook page has grown to over 250,000 fans. Session Interview with Jason Caston, author of The iChurch Method and Internet Church Developer at TD Jakes Ministries.

Facebook Foundations - Social Media Guide For Ministry Day 2 from Nils Smith on Vimeo.

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If you have any questions about this session please leave a comment and I would love to answer any question that you might have.

Virtual Book Tour now available On-Demand starting this week!

Social Media Guide for Ministry
Social Media Guide for Ministry

A little more than 2 months ago I released my first book, Social Media Guide for Ministry.  It has been such a blessing to hear so many stories from ministry leaders who have been encouraged by the book and implementing the principles discussed.  In releasing the book we held a Virtual Book Tour and I'm excited to now share the videos from this tour with you to watch whenever you want with whoever you want.  I pray these training videos will be a blessing to you and the ministry that you lead.  Check back here at every day this week as a new video will be released daily over the next 5 days.

Facebook Session from the Virtual Book Tour

So I made a 1 character mistake which ended up being a pretty significant mistake. I promised those who purchased my book that I would send them links to view all of the sessions from the Virtual Book Tour On-Demand. This worked great except one of the links had one character missing. I tried to correct the issue as I received many emails about this issue and feel the best way to resolve is to share this session with everyone! I hope this training session on Facebook including my interview with Jason Caston encourages you and is a great resource for you and your ministry. Feel free to watch, share, or use however might be beneficial for you.

Facebook Foundations - Social Media Guide For Ministry Day 2 from Nils Smith on Vimeo.