Old River Terrace

Introducing the New - Old River Terrace UMC website

For about a year I have been trying to help my Dad's church, Old River Terrace United Methodist Church in Channelview, TX (outside of Houston), setup a new website.  While I work on websites a lot, I'm not a web developer and didn't have a web developer on my team who could create it.  I purchased a Wordpress Theme from Church Themes and felt like this would be the best solution, but I struggled in the setup process and the new website really wasn't much better than their existing site. Another drawback was they would have to learn Wordpress which is a learning curve for some.

I basically gave up on the project and recently reached out to my friends Matt and Chris at Creative Church Staffing and asked if there is any way to create a simple church website on Squarespace that could replace the church's existing site.  They quickly jumped on the project and before we knew it, the church had a new website live on the internet!  Not only is the website a much greater experience for potential guests to the church and members, but it's far easier to manage using Squarespace's all in one domain and site hosting as well as their Content Management System that really couldn't be any easier.  

Take a look at their new site and old site below:

New site:

Old site:

Don't just look at pictures, take the site for a spin at http://ortumc.com.

Wish your church could have a site that looks this good at an affordable price and that's easy to manage?  Reach out to my friends at Creative Church Staffing and I know they would love to help!