3 Questions with Robbie Seay

RobbieSeayBand-01-big Robbie Seay was one of the first worship leaders I connected with many years ago after I first became a Christian and was attending Metro Bible Study in Houston.  It has been fun to watch Robbie's career develop since that time and to have had the opportunity to partner with him for several events over the years.

I have always loved Robbie Seay Band's music, but once I had the opportunity to get to know him off stage, I became even more impressed.  Robbie carries himself with great humilty and seeks to minister to everyone he is able to connect with on and off stage.  Here are my 3 questions with Robbie Seay:

1) Who are the top 2 or 3 artists that have shaped your music and why?

Rich Mullins - he swam against the current of conventional Christian music in so many ways. He lived with abandon and beyond his career or fame. His songwriting covered all of life, rather than finding a niche of worship or singer/songwriter..he covered it all and never apologized for it. I miss him greatly.

David Crowder - David and I went to school together. He used to pick me up at 630am on Sunday mornings to setup the sound system at UBC, a church that my brother started my freshman year at Baylor. I saw his work ethic, commitment to songwriting and excellence. We got to know each other behind the scenes. His music has taken diversions through the years, but there is always 3-4 songs on each record that move me deeply - and inspire me to know Christ more deeply and to write from that place.

Travis - My favorite band hails from Glasgow, Scotland and I remember hearing them for the first time - it's that great moment all of us experience when we discover music we feel was made just for us. I have always loved their songwriting, the way in which they refuse to take themselves too seriously and their willingness to recreate their sound.


2) Having travelled the world leading worship and playing music, is there 1 memory that stands out more than any other and why?

In 2005, RSB had the joy of touring with David Crowder and Shane & Shane - all guys that came up together here in Texas. I still talk regularly with them today and so I look back on those 40+ shows we did together that fall with the fondest of memories. It's usually the time off the stage that stands outs and yet that was a tour I would sit out front for both of their sets and just marvel at the musicianship and honesty coming from the stage. I'll never forget that tour!


3) If you could tell young musicians and worship leaders 1 thing, what what it be and why?

I would use a megaphone and say: Stop comparing yourself!! Let the pressure of being something you are not fall to the ground. Recognize your talents and limitations and don't hold them up against anyone else. Work your butt off. Write. Rehearse. But more than all of this, Live.

I wasted some years consumed with my "career" and reputation instead of truly living.

I look at David, and he didn't sit around planning and scheming his set lists or devoting countless days to his style or reputation.

He lived.

He fought, He wrote, He sang, He ruled, He loved. He wasn't perfect. He confessed. He doubted God and ultimately trusted Him.

My hope for all songwriters and worship leaders (including myself) is that we reboot and start living. That is where worship comes from. That is the place where fruit is birthed in our life as we study scriptures, love our families, take adventures, serve the vulnerable, share great meals & commit to following the Holy Spirit where he leads rather than where our careers are directing us.


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