Resource the Resourcers

I must confess that I’m cheap.  I like free and discounted things and I’m often looking for a good deal.  I have found through my stinginess that little value in these discounted items and the most valuable things almost always come at a significant cost. Churches are often the worst at looking for the discount or freebie as we are functioning on ministry budgets.  I get it!  I do it.  I regret it.

I’ve learned more recently about church resources such as curriculum and technology resources.  Our churches rely heavily on these resources and if we’re honest they save us a ton of time and money.  Imagine if you had to create your entire curriculum in house or manage your church database and finances on Excel.  These are valuable resources that we need to expand with more curriculums to be created and new technologies to be developed.

I understand being a good steward and before trying to negotiate a better price, consider how much time or money you are saving by using the resource in comparison to not using it.  In my experience I have yet to find anyone getting rich creating resources for the Church.  Even if someone does I will praise God for him or her as I’m guessing they’ve created a pretty incredible resource for the Church.

Here’s the reality to church resources: they need our resources so that they can create more and better resources.  It’s really pretty simple.

Here’s what I want to encourage you to do: next time you are signing up for a new account or purchasing a set of curriculum instead of negotiating a lower price simply thank them for creating the resource and ask them how you can help them get better.  When they get better, WE get better!  That’s far more valuable than saving $50/month.

FaithVillage launches Online Bookstore

FaithVillage Bookstore
FaithVillage Bookstore

I love when great things get even better!  This just happened with FaithVillage as they recently launched their Online Bookstore with over 200,000 Christian titles!  FaithVillage provides an incredible platform with incredible content and interaction and now great resources as well.

As excited as I was to see this new addition to FaithVillage, I was extremely humbled to find that they chose to make the Social Media Guide for Ministry a top pick of the month as a part of the launch.  I have encouraged most people to purchase the book on Amazon, but if you haven't yet purchased the book the lowest price that you will find it anywhere is at FaithVillage for just $5.18 (35% savings).  Click here for the link to purchase.  I would also appreciate a review if you have already purchased and read!

Regardless, I hope you will head over to as there is some great Easter content and conversations going on now!

Thank you friends at FaithVillage for your friendship and creating such a great Kingdom resource!

Where I'm Learning

I believe strongly that leaders are learners.  We all learn in many ways both from experience as well as from other leaders and innovators via many different platforms.  I receive the question often of where I am learning and ask it even more.  I will likely make this a monthly post and look forward to hearing your responses as well.  Here are some of the key places I go to learn currently: Books

Deep and Wide by Andy Stanley

Platform by Michael Hyatt

The iChurch Method by Jason Caston



Fast Company


Church Executive



Michael Hyatt


Ed Stetzer



Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

Social Media Church with DJ Chuang

Catalyst Podcast


So where are you going to learn and grow as a leader? Any of these same places? I would love to know!