Rick Warren quotes

Rick Warren at All Access Conference

The highlight of the All Access Conference so far has without a doubt been the session we had yesterday with Rick Warren.  Less than 2 weeks ago Rick's son took his own life and this was the first time since this tragedy that Pastor Rick has addressed a group of pastors.  While this was not a typical session/message, I probably took more away from the 15 minute skype call with Pastor Rick than anything else at the conference.  Here are some quotes from that session: “People are most likely to come to Christ when they are in transition or under tension.”

“If God is going to use you greatly, you’re going to go through a lot of suffering.”

“God never wastes a hurt”

“It’s not a sin to have a small church, but it is a sin to have a small vision.”

“Every church must have a global and local vision.”

“Why can’t we be as united in sharing the gospel as we are at sharing grief?”