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Sayge250x250_a To all of you who are responsible for or passionate about Church Communications, I am so excited to tell you about Sayge Resources, an incredible new resource, just for you from my friend Tim Peters!

If you’re like most Church Communications people I know, you are neck deep in the management of the daily madness of church communications; satisfying ministry leaders and meeting deadlines, managing expectations, people, and projects.  I imagine that some days it can feel like the daily grind is grinding you.

That’s what excites me about Sayge Resources for you (and me).


 What is Sayge Resources? 

Sayge Resources is a systematic communications learning approach that is intentionally designed for leaders within the local church.  Think of it as your Communication Team for the next year, delivered straight to your inbox.

It replaces the hours of research you’ll spend looking for great communication resources.  It’s more efficient and less costly than the time and money you’d spend at a conference. It gives you access to the experience of Church Communications Strategist, Tim Peters.  And it contains the wisdom of some of the greatest church leaders in our nation today.

It covers THE 12 Essentials of Church Communications including:

  1. Vision Identification
  2. Communications Strategy
  3. Brand Standards
  4. Project Systems
  5. Website Essentials
  6. Audience Connection
  7. Volunteer Mobilization
  8. Social Media
  9. Guest Experience
  10. External Marketing
  11. Creative Leadership
  12. Storytelling Principles

I’m sure you’ve already discovered that there are resources out there for every other ministry in your church.  Resources by the hundreds.  Finally, HERE is a resource for ANYONE responsible for or passionate about Church Communications.

Complete with monthly coaching videos, comprehensive eBooks, hands-on application tools, team training ideas and reproducible products, you’ll receive thousands of dollars worth of products, every month, right into your inbox, for a price that won’t break or even stretch your budget.  In fact, one of my favorite things about Sayge is that your first month is completely free.  They are so certain about the value to you, that they are giving you a free opportunity to check it out.

The team over at Sayge Resources has developed what I believe to be THE resource you need to master the 12 Essentials of Church Communications.  Church Communications matter because the message the church is communicating matters.

Do yourself a big favor and click here to check out Sayge.