The Day I was Robbed at McDonalds

Yesterday was an interesting day to say the least.  I spent the morning at a Fortune 200 company with their Director of Cyber-threat security.  I would tell you his name and the company's name, but I was told that by doing that it puts a target on them.  Needless to say, security was on my mind and I began to really think through how I need to better protect myself online as well as my family and those involved with CBC Online. I spent that afternoon working from McDonalds and debriefing all that I had learned.  I love working in public spaces and find that I'm twice as productive working there than I am in my office or at home.  McDonald's has great inexpensive coffee by the way and fast/free Wifi.

After working from there for a little longer than 2 hours and just 5 minutes before I was going to leave a man walks up to me and asks me if I saw any money under the table across from me.  He and another guy had had a meal there about an hour before and he had just come back in and was looking around. Before I could answer him, he grabbed my fairly new Macbook Pro and was out the door.  I yelled at him and chased him for a second, but realized quickly I had no chance of catching him and even if I could it probably wasn't the wisest idea.

This honestly wasn't new to me as I was mugged at knife point in Middle School and our house was burglarized 5 or 6 times growing up.  At one point we had an alarm system on the inside of the house and bars on the outside and they just unscrewed the bars on the front porch and stole everything there.  It's a crazy world, but since that time I have become comfortable and really not too concerned about security in most situations.

I've thought over and over in my head if there was anything I could have done in this situation to better protect myself or my laptop.  I'm honestly not sure that there was, but it was a healthy reminder for me that there are people that will attack us.  When it comes to security, it's a difficult balance to find between being paranoid and being safe, but regardless we must have some guards in our lives and ministries to protect ourselves and those that we lead.

Within an hour of the attack I changed all of the passwords on every account that I have and have begun setting up a storage system in  I am also reanalyzing what I share and don't share on Social Networks and really thinking through all of the security measures in my life.  I enjoy living a very open and free life.  I will probably continue to lean on the side of being open and free rather than paranoid and overly protected, but I will definitely begin implementing better security measures around myself, my family, and for all that are involved in the ministry that I lead.

What are some of the security measures that you have in place in your life and ministry?  What is too much and what is not enough?  What are some of the security measures that you use online?