5 Online Tools to Increase Efficiency in Your Organization

Efficiency is the wise use of both time and energy - this is something everyone, not just leaders, struggle with. The good new is that there are tools that can help us in our day to day workflow maximizing our time and communication for greater efficiency.

In today's Vlog, I'll be sharing to you the 5 tools that will help you and your organization become more efficient. 

Collaborate Better with Slack

Almost a year ago now our marketing department at CBC started using a new collaboration tool called Slack.  While I love new technologies for whatever reason I was slow to adopt it.  I was trying to use Asana and email collectively to collaborate and honestly had too much that was falling through the cracks. 

To be honest, at first I just used Slack out of necessity because everyone else was using it.  But over the past 3 months I have gone all in and now I regret waiting so long! 

When you think about how many emails are 1-2 sentences and often group messages that might not be relevant to everyone yet you CC them anyway to make sure it’s documented, it’s no wonder a new way of communicating is necessary. Emails have made my inbox clunk and cluttered.  I would be embarrassed to show you the number of unread emails because I simply don’t have time to delete or archive everything. 

So, let me tell you about Slack- a better way to communicate and project manage.  Slack allows for team communication and collaboration.  You have various projects that you essentially create a hashtag channel for so that all communication revolves around that topic in one place.  In that channel you can tag specific individuals so that they are alerted as well as file share creating a central hub for communication and interaction. 

I currently use it for both my work at CBC as well as my business.  For CBC we have channels such as website, app, bulletin, weekly email, etc. where we keep each conversation centered around the specific item.  For my business I create a channel for each client so that we can all stay updated on the unique needs and status of various projects as related to each client or specific project.  Slack makes it easy to jump from channel to channel with great keyboard shortcuts.

Here are just a few of the features that makes Slack so great:

  • Direct Messaging- you can send a private direct message to another team member
  • Private Channels- you can set private groups to where you have to be a member of the channel to see and search info in it
  • Reminders and Alarms- you can easily set reminders and alarms through slack
  • Custom Emojis- not only does slack have emojis that make communicating fun, but you can also create a custom emoji with any image
  • Starring- you can star an item in any channel you’re a part of to save that info for easy access

I still am very tied to email, but when it comes to communicating with my team I try to always use Slack if it’s a 2 paragraph message or less. 

If you have a team of 4 or more that you work with on anything, I highly recommend jumping on Slack.  There are so many features I can’t begin to describe here and I’m sure many more that I’m not yet aware of.  I can’t wait to see how it continues to develop, as I believe this will be a central tool for the teams I work with for years to come!