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What is YouTube?

When it comes to social media, I often get the question of where YouTube fits. Well, I see YouTube having 3 core purposes:

  1. A Video Library
  2. A Search Engine
  3. A Social Network

First, I see YouTube as a video library for anyone who creates video to host their videos On-Demand. YouTube offers seemingly endless amounts of storage for your video content as well as making them available on seemingly every device in a very user friendly way. 

Second, I see YouTube as a search engine. Owned by Google and has for a long time been the #2 search engine on the internet. It seems that as you talk to someone in my generation (Gen X) or older when we look for info we Google it, but if you ask a Millennial or younger they YouTube it. YouTube has become a powerful place for people to search for just about anything and find the answers or content that they are looking for.  

Finally, it’s also a social network. There’s an opportunity to subscribe, comment, and like videos. Those are all aspects of a social network and YouTube has a very vibrant and engaged community. 

 I would describe it as a social network + in that it is so much more. Beginning to understand the aspects of YouTube as a great place to host your video content is a great investment. Also as important is taking the time to most effectively title, tag and create searchable descriptions for your videos optimizing them for search. Don’t forget to engage socially with those who comment on your videos as well as posting new content consistently to keep your subscribers engaged.