Sophia Nasim

3 Questions with Sophia Nasim

I'm so excited to introduce you to Sophia Nasim.  Sophia currently lives in Pakistan and has been attending Online Church for the past 6 months and recently became a leader within the ministry.  Community Bible Church has become her church home via Online Church.  Her passion for Christ is contagious and she has ministered to me and so many others around the world through her commitment to Online Church. I do want to post a disclaimer that Sophia's opinions are her own and do not necessarily represent mine or those of Community Bible Church.  She like all of our leaders has her own opinions that I believe we can all learn from, but are not necessarily those of the church community as a whole.  I pray that her words encourage you and help you to catch a glimpse of what following Christ for many in our world looks like today and the opportunity that we have doing church online.



1) Would you be willing to briefly share your testimony of how you came to know Christ and what your Christian journey has been since making that decision?

It like I have known Him always just it took time for the realization of my true identity in Christ. In 2004, I was told by the doctors that I was on high risk and may not survive surgeries due to multiple complications which included my heart artries clogged, which meant I couldnt take anaesthesia. I had no one by my side while I underwent 4 high risk surgeries. My surgeon later testified that in his life long experience, he had only read in books that people made it back to life cuz of their faith, but he actually witnessed it in my case and he specifically said it was and could not be a mans work alone, it was supernatural.

He was a non-believer. The whole journey from the beginning to the end was miraculous, all I felt was that HE was holding me all the times, everything happened automatically for me, even my doctors used to call me home triggering doubts amongst my relatives I was living with inbetween trips to hospitals. My return to life was another miracle... I will share testimonies in video forms for the people to know HIM. IF SOMEONE WANTS TO BELIEVE IN HIM WORKING EVEN TODAY, I AM A LIVING MIRACLE.

Since then, my life has never been the same, I was dwindling between spiritual and worldly forms. Being a single parent, mother of a beautiful teenage daughter was another task, a responsibility ... but I kept walking in faith no matter what came my way, it wasnt easy.. but He held me higher each time.I was not sure of what I was feeling and witnessing was of a normal world.. At a certain stage I even thought, scientifically/medically I must be nuts. Well, His works are never normal for this world or would He have been crucified. I was mocked, betrayed, cursed, abused, characterised, even my faith was put to question, all I did was to keep walking with Him.. He kept holding me or else how could I walk this far.

In 2009 I went over to Kuwait, I got all confirmations to my spiritual identity that I was not mistaken. He was there, He was with me all the times, He was all I had, He was all I wanted.. I was offered wealth of this world in exchange for my faith, I refused.. The treasure I had was not for sale. Refusal made my life miserable, people in kuwait american Lighthouse Church, witnessed and I took baptism woeing to keep the covenant. I knew my journey with Him had begun then.

Back in Pakistan, I tried to connect with the local communities, but they were too busy building false ministries and I had nothing to do with any of them. I sat back and I knew it was not the time for me. 2 years of waiting, made me frustrated, so much had happened in between, I witnessed I was constantly in a circle of protection by the heavens. I lost everything and was a living dead, I was wanting to give up my faith.. it was like having a fight between mortal and immortal self, the Spirit has not let me do so many things I would have actually done out of frustration and pain and losses. I was aching to be at a church with people of my spiritual world, didn't know where to find them, I begged people in kuwait church to do something to take me back there, for me, it was my spiritual loss, nothing else mattered, but nothing happened. They were afraid not to get into confrontation with the guys cuz they were powerful. I was completely broke when I came across CBC online. My internet credit had ended up and with no money at hand, I didnt know what to do to keep the internet running, I went and sold my daughter's earrings and got over. I cant forget that time, the moment I clicked and got ont the site, I was all in tears, I knew they were all behind the screen whom were my folks.. Coach Val was giving a sermon and it hit my heart straight, the Word was for me I began singing AMAZING GRACE... I knew He had found me and my work has begun.


2) You have been a participant in Online Church for several months and recently become a leader, what has Online Church meant to you and what are your hopes for the future of Online Church?

Its a privilege to have been asked to become a part of HIS ministries. It was the presence of people that made feel like I just got home after a long journey, they were not afraid of who and what I was, for CBC I was me... they opened the gates to me to refill my soul.. heal and rise again... it meant so much to be online whenever I wished to and felt safe. I could just reach out at my own convenience.

Ever since that one fine day, I have been healed, blessed, loved, share His glory, His blessings and am rising moment into moment. There are no politics, you are connected with the whole world, minister to His people in so many ways, I think there are no words to express how CBC is moving. The unconditional love that I feel is wonderful even from the people I have not spoken to yet but I know their presence and contributions.

My hopes are my Lord's wishes, He has blessed me with healing powers and I am amazed myself how it just began working through online platform at CBC. He is the guiding Light to everyone, I hope CBC will not only just expand but will actually be saving His flock. Blessings for all of you at CBC online.


3) As Americans we have a difficult time understand persecution, can you share a little bit about what it’s like to be a Christian in Pakistan?

1 Peter 5:9

Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings.

To understand the basic fundamentals of being a CHRISTIAN in Pakistan, it is important to understand it at different levels varying from social, economical, cultural, national and then at international levels.

The white section on Pakistani flag, represents minorities. Christians are the major minority in number but officially the numbers are not shown in records for the fear that we may ask for our rights and dominate because of our faith. It is unfortunate for the Christian community of Pakistan that they have been delibrately victimised, deprived and kept low with socio - economic pressures. Majority of the christian men are uneducated and do not go above a certain level of education. That has set us apart from the muslims. Whereas, our christian women are more educated in comparison to men. Men are working either on very low jobs or jobless or fallen prey to addictions of various sorts. To support families, women have to step out where they are morally and otherwise trapped by muslim guys into immoralities and are forced to remain victims inorder to keep running their households. We have no social security system here, so medical is more expensive than dying even.

A high number of women, not finding way to cope with circumstances and no right christian match, get into matrimonial with muslim guys. Hardly few survive in peace. Mostly they are kept in worst living conditions. Many die, others who survive are no more than a vegetable. Reason being, these girls are not accepted by their families for converting to Islam, the ones they convert to keep them as slaves of a very low grade. This is one scenario.

Other hand, muslim system is mostly infected, majority is of people who have no moral and/or ethical values, intolerance is at its height. Its all about money, lust and greed for them. They dont hold any respect for their own women and fellow men, so least is to be expected.

Considering a few of these hard facts, internationally it is very easy to create ripples amongst communities, its like playing snooker, every move is vulcanised to strike at the balls in a row but the goal is to strike the queen. Its like triggering a self created tsunami that will rip apart the nations and take away who are weak in faith. While looking back in time, I realize it has been seeded and nourished very carefully to make it into a giant as it is today, but was not in the open. We were discriminated at very level, yet it was not as bad as it is today. Incident of 9/11 was followed by the then, President Bush who called it a HOLY WAR when he attached Iraq, current wave are known to the world. President Obama is using a different technique, but again he himself is falling prey to it as well. They are all using it as a test to monitor where they and push the button to see where it can actually cause trouble and to whom. Their political strategies are ringing a warning bell for christians all over the world.

In my spiritualism, I feel it is time for all of us as humans, to focus on God and to gather His flock to His courtship. Whatever is happening, has already been said and heard a billion times. The world is being into all that is happening in the quest to gain power. POWER is all they all want, so persecution is now a small word for us as Christians.

A good example is of me, I was trapped only to convert me to Islam so they could earn a confirmed place in heaven, since I have resisted and stood for my human rights qualifies me for death penalty in either circumstances just because I got married to a muslim, THERE IS NO VALUE FOR FAITH. they do not understand any concept of faith. for them its blood thirst, that is the art of the evil. they are blinded and fooled. They dont want to see what they do to someone as a human being, but uphold what for them is sacred to kill for their own reasons, ego centrics thats all there is to it.

They know the truth, but they deny it. Like they knew what Jesus was saying and who He was, but yet they denied.

For muslims God has granted them the spiritual right to persecute and act God like, in order to please God.

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