Podcast Suggestion: Pastor Greg Smith

While I've been in Houston this week, we have been working quite a bit on my Dad's new website/blog which should be launched in the next couple of weeks.  Something that is very important for the site is to have his sermon's available to easily listen to or download.

We are using Buzzsprout to host the podcast and have been blown away by the simplicity of the site and how easy it was to submit and get approved into iTunes.  If you're looking for a simple and very functional platform to host your podcast I would definitely check out Buzzsprout.com.  The platform makes it very easy to easily embed the files and player into your website (similar to a YouTube video) as well as submitting into iTunes.

If you're looking for great sermons to download and listen to, I would put Splendora Countryside UMC at the top of your list.  Now available in iTunes are the weekly sermons from my Dad, Pastor Greg Smith.  I hope you will comment and encourage him on his new haircut.  Hairstyle and photo courtesy of the always creative Becky Kiser.