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How I Grew My Twitter Following to Over 100k

In this video, I’ll be sharing to you how I grew my Twitter following to over 100k followers and how you can too!

After spending the past 10 years interacting on Twitter I have learned quite a bit about growing an engaged following and made a lot of mistakes along the way. . There are a couple key learnings that my team and I have been executing on to build a large and engaged following.

We’re Celebrating 2015

I get this question a lot: “So, what is it exactly that you do and why the heck are you in New York?”  

Well, there’s no easy answer to this question, but let me answer it directly: I’m the Innovation Pastor at Community Bible Church (oversee pretty much everything on the Internet – website, apps, Online Church, etc.) and my wife and I choose to live in New York for this season in order for our family to gain a unique life perspective.  

Out of my work at Community Bible Church came my book, speaking opportunities and several consulting opportunities, which led us to launch this Nils Smith Solutions business. What has from day 1 functioned as a side business for me personally continues to blow me away by the impact we have been able to make as a team. While there are so many things I would love to celebrate when it comes to my work at CBC or experiences I would like to highlight from my family, I wanted to use this post to celebrate the impact that this business has been able to make over the past year.

Here are some of our highlights from 2015:

I’m humbled as I look at the impact that God has allowed for us to have this year. We believe that God has even greater plans for 2016 and preparing for exponentially greater impact. We appreciate your being a part of the journey and pray that we are able to serve you effectively in the future whether it’s through blog posts, online courses, strategic solutions or consulting services. We are truly humbled, honored and grateful as we celebrate 2015!  

Growing Your Twitter Audience with Amplify

I recently had a friend ask me how I have 90,000 Twitter followers.  My answer was: "It's complicated."  That's the truth.  I've worked hard to grow my Twitter following over the past 7 years, but it hasn't been until the last 2 that it has exploded.  This growth has primarily come from a complicated and manual copy follow technique that I learned and have hired a team to run for me and several of my clients and a few friends.  

For the first time I am now offering this solution to anyone and everyone.  This technique has helped my Twitter account grow by more than 60,000 Twitter followers in the past 2 years.  Naturally, I believe that the content that is created is the most important part of developing a social media strategy. But just offering great content without a growth strategy is often a very slow process when trying to build a following. However, great content partnered with a growth strategy makes for a dynamic duo in creating a large and engaged audience.  

Are you ready to grow your Twitter following?  We have put together some great packages from a 7 day trial to an Elite package that also includes an Instagram growth strategy.  I highly recommend the Premium package to really focus on growing your Twitter following.  This is the core strategy that I have used that has grown my Twitter following to over 90,000 followers and I expect to be at over 100,000 by the end of the year.  

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to comment below or simply send me a message on Twitter.  If you're ready to get started growing your Twitter following click the link below to learn more about Amplify Social Media.  Know that we are batching new clients in based on when they sign up so you will want to make sure you sign up early to make sure to be one of the first to be a part of this new and exciting program.