Who to follow on Twitter

Twitter - Who to Follow

After setting up your Twitter account and profile, the next thing you will need to do is begin following people.  There are many theories around this and it really is important to be intentional in who you follow.  As I've shared many times before, the most important thing you can do on Social Media is listen.  Who you follow is who you will be listening to, so choose carefully. Now this is open for debate and just because you follow someone doesn't mean you're stuck listening to them forever.  My general philosophy is to be quick to follow and just as quick to unfollow.  So here are my recommended steps for new users:

  1. Start with friends - search for friends and people you already know
  2. Check out friends' follows - you will likely be interested in following the same people your friends follow, so check out who they're following and follow people who look interesting to you
  3. Look for celebrities - find celebrities and public figures that you are interested in hearing from
  4. Stop at 50 - for a new Twitter user following more than 50 people can be overwhelming.  Stop there and watch who those you follow retweet or reply tweet and look to follow those folks.
One last recommendation I want to make for those who are new to Twitter.  Don't feel like you need to read every tweet!  You will never do anything else if you try to.  Read what you can, when you can, and be okay to miss things in your feed.  I would spend at least a week listening to the conversations as well before you even begin tweeting yourself.
Here are a few recommendations to get you started as well:
Rick Warren- @RickWarren
Brian Houston- @BrianCHouston
Steven Furtick- @StevenFurtick