Willow Creek Conference

Willow Creek's Global Leadership Summit

This past week I was able to attend the first day of Willow Creek's Global Leadership Summit.  My friend Mike Sharrow gave me a free ticket three years ago and I have been hooked every since.

I used to be a Conference junkie and still love them, but I'm not able to attend as many as I used to.  This is one Conference that I do attend annually and will continue to for years to come.  Here are some of the keys that I love about the Conference:

1) I'm able to network with local leaders in my community with it being a simulcast site in San Antonio that I attend.

2) It's the lowest priced Conference that I go to each year being a simulcast and not having the travel costs of other conferences.

3) The speaker lineup is second to none with ministry, business, and political leaders from all over the world.

Over the next few days I will share some of the notes I took during the Conference from the sessions with Bill Hybels, Craig Groeschel, Condoleezza Rice, and Jim Collins.

Did you attend the WCA Global Leadership Summit?  If so, who were your favorite speakers?

What are your favorite Conferences to attend each year and why?


Here are links to my Notes from the speakers at the 2012 Summit:

Bill Hybels

Jim Collins

Condoleeza Rice

Craig Groeschel