awkward moments

Awkward Situations

Yesterday I had an incredibly awkward situation and I was reminded of the Student Life "Awkward Situations" videos that we used to play regularly at FUMC Houston.  We all know awkward people and deal with awkward situations on a regular basis.  I would love to hear an awkward situation that happened to you recently.

So many come to mind for me, but this video from a youth group reminded me of one I had recently.  I was in a one on one meeting with someone who fell asleep while I was speaking.  Do I stop speaking?  Do I wake them up?  or do I just continue and hope they wake up?  I went with the last option.  It was hilarious to watch them pretend like they had not fallen asleep and think that maybe I had not noticed.  The hardest part wasn't continuing my statement but finishing the meeting without getting the giggles.

Please share some of your awkward situations!