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Why I Use GoDaddy

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People often ask me who I use for my hosting provider and seem to be surprised when I tell them that I use GoDaddy for everything.  I'm a big fan of all things GoDaddy except their commercials.  I would love for them to save some Marketing money and drop a dollar off of my monthly hosting charges, but it's not going to prevent me from continuing to use their services.  Here are the 3 S's of why I like GoDaddy so much:

1) Simplicity- their site is easy to use and their backend Admin panels are even easier to navigate and monitor.  I own 20+ domains and have several different hosting packages that easy to manage all in one place.

2) Service- I guess I'm still old school in my customer service needs, but I like to talk to a person.  I rarely have to wait more than 5 minutes to talk to a real live person and a very helpful person that doesn't need to forward me to someone else.  They always go above and beyond in helping me with setup or service issues that are almost always user error.

3) Search- Anytime I'm thinking about a new ministry or business ideas the first place I go is GoDaddy to search related domain name availability or who owns them.   Having this front and center on their website and mobile site has been extremely useful for me.

So, who do you use and why?