NYC Kids Favorite Things

Most people assume that New York City is not a good place for kids, but we have found the city to be very kid friendly with so many great things to do. We asked our kids for their Top 5 favorite things in the city that they would recommend to other kids. Here’s the list they came up with:

1.     Carousels- the girls were quick to say: “Carousels!” Every park in New York seems to have a unique carousel. Highlighted by the Sea Glass Carousel giving a more modern experience and Prospect Park giving a really unique historic experience. Here are their favorites:

a.     Sea Glass Carousel in Battery Park

b.     Prospect Park Carousel

c.     Central Park Carousel

d.     Prospect Park Carousel

2.     Times Square: Disney and M&M stores – for the girls Times Square never got old. They loved going upstairs at the M&M store and filling a bag of M&Ms as well as going upstairs at the Disney Store and hanging out in what they called the “Clubhouse”.

3.     Staten Island Children's Museum – there are so many great museums including children’s museums around New York in all boroughs. Our girls fell in love with the Staten Island Children’s Museum and said this is the most fun.

4.     Transit Museum – this is a fun experience for both kids and adults in Brooklyn. It’s fascinating for adults to learn the history behind the subway system and bridges throughout the city. The kids love playing on the old subway cars and turnstiles. This is a really unique experience that you can’t experience anywhere else.

5.     Sledding Prospect Park – this is the best free entertainment in the city. If it snows while you’re in New York, the best sledding spot we found was not far from our apartment in Park Slope. You can get a plastic disk for $5 at a local hardware store and have hours of fun in the snow sliding down the hills. Build a snowman while you’re at it!


Not Favorite: Ice Skating – the girls were quick to say that ice-skating was not their favorite. Before actually ice-skating this was something they were really excited about so we signed them up for lessons. After the first week of lessons they decided that ice-skating is the “worst”. On week 2 of ice skating lessons I even laced up with them and I have to agree: ice-skating is the worst! Ice-skating is just not for our family; if it’s for yours, have fun!